Mexico Reported the Deadliest COVID-19 Week

deadliest week Mexico

Mexico has confirmed this week to be the worst in the entire COVID-19 pandemic. On average, there were 1000 deaths per day and the health system was near to a point of collapsing. The country in Latin America has earlier reported a high increase in the daily infection cases, especially after Christmas holidays and New Year parties when people met their friends and family for celebrations.

There are long queues and waiting lists for COVID-19 testing in Mexico City during this deadliest week. People are scared that they might be COVID-19 positive while many of them are refusing to get tested and are in a trial.

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There has been a drastic increase in all common medicine, face masks, and oxygen cylinder sales. Still, there are many people who fail to understand how is this pandemic spreading and still not under control. There are people who deny wearing a face mask and are seen partying, without meeting the preventive rules.

Only in the last seven days, the entire country with a population of 128 million people has confirmed a total of 1,37,000 deaths. While this only accounts for official data and there are chances that many more deaths are unreported. Out of this number, 1,314 were reported on one day, Tuesday.

The Mexican health expert explains that the country experienced limited social activity since November which is why they were overwhelmed to meet their friends and family over the holidays.

To this day, Mexico has reported nearly 1.59 million cases of COVID-19 and at least 138,000 confirmed deaths. This is the fourth biggest COVID-19 death toll reported by any country.

The local authorities say that it is probably because of the big population size of Mexico but there are many underlying factors also included, for example, obesity, diabetes type 2, hypertension, etc.

There are also high chances that the real death number is much higher than this reported figure and only a limited number of cases are reported probably because of the limited testing facility.

The country’s health system is more hyper-functional and overwhelmed than it has been in years. Major areas such as Mexico City are highly affected by the pandemic and most of these COVID-19 cases reported during this deadliest week are reported from the capital city.

Mexico City has a population of over nine million people and there are nearly 24,000 COVID-19 caused deaths reported in it. The hospitals are reaching their full capacity and nearly 91% of the beds in all hospitals are occupied.

People are paranoid and uncertain about what will happen next. Still, there are many other people who are not following any precautions and helping in the viral spread.

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The local authority has recently announced a new care plan which is decided for the patients who are infected but don’t need hospitalization. They will be provided with the oxygen supply and other medical facilities and regularly checked by the medical experts according to this plan.

But even this new care plan has a dark side. It is technically not possible to apply this plan in all areas. There are high chances that some areas will be neglected and may not get the attention that they need. It will result in failure to provide medical assistance to these patients, which in turn can lead to more deaths.

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