You can Grow Smart Just By Eating, Study Shows

benefit cognitive abilities
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Experts have for years acknowledged the beneficial properties linked with Mediterranean diets. This diet does not only benefit cognitive abilities it also prevents the risk of cardiac arrest, stroke, or types 2 diabetes. This diet is healthy for weight loss too besides aid to lower blood pressure.

What this diet consists of are vegetables, nuts, fruits, legumes, seafood, whole grains, and a good amount of virgin olive oil. The diet also makes a point to only consume a limited amount of dairy products and rarely if ever eat red meat. People who follow the diet also completely or in part avoid both sugary beverages and processed foods.

The diet takes inspiration from the commonly loved and followed a diet in the 20th-century residents of Spain, Italy, Greece as well as other countries near or within the Mediterranean sea.

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A recent study carried out by the United States Air Force has discovered that the diet may also help benefit cognitive abilities if paired with a good amount of exercise. The study researchers used a double-blind test as well as a control group. Both of these groups were asked to follow the same strict exercise program for as long as 12 weeks. During this time the group took supplements daily that was built specially to mimic the nutrition values of the foods found in the diet. The others however were given a placebo.

When the trial period came to a finish, the group that took the original supplements displayed a very pronounced improvement in 6 out of eight tests taken to evaluate their cognitive abilities. The ones who were taking the placebo however only showed improvement in 4 of the total 8 tests that were taken.

The results, therefore, insinuated that the Mediterranean diet paired with sufficient exercise can effectively improve memory, mental reaction period and give the diet follower several other cognitive capabilities as well.

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This means one can improve their cognitive performance simply by altering their diets and ways of living. This goes on to show the importance of food and exercise on our potential as human beings, we can only be our best selves if we are performing better and the only way that can be achieved is if our cognitive abilities are in mint condition.

Luckily the Mediterranean diet offers just the benefits we need to be our best selves and it isn’t even that difficult to keep up. Eating healthy only requires the power of will and the time to exercise as much is needed. This lifestyle is also supported by previous studies that emphasize eating fresher greener diets can help us develop enough to feel-good hormones and make us happier. So eating good really has a great impact on our moods too.

Therefore there is nothing we have to lose to be the smartest, happiest versions of ourselves today because all it takes is this diet and good exercise.


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