Pregnant Women Should Not Use Advil In Last Four Months of their Pregnancy- FDA Warning

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U.S Food and Drug Administration Administration (FDA) has warned all pregnant women in the last four months of their pregnancy to avoid taking common painkillers including Advil. Previously this warning was made for three months but now the agency has extended it to four months.

The new press release says that all pain killers and fever-reducing medicines can cause certain complications that can harm the mother and the child both. Prolonged usage of painkillers such as Advil in pregnant women can also cause kidney infections in the newborn baby. It is also possible for the fetus to have a low amount of amniotic fluid.

This warning is also applicable to a specific type of anti-inflammatory medicines that includes ibuprofen and Celebrex.

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On the other side, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines are among the most commonly used medicines not just in the US but all over the world. It includes using these medicines separately or combined with other medicines such as flu medicines, sleep regulators, and antibiotics.

FDA has already warned pregnant mothers not to use Advil and other medicines during the third trimester but now it has extended this warning for four months. The only relaxation in its usage is to use a low-dose medicine of aspirin only when it is recommended by a certified doctor.

The agency says that they have shared this warning to save millions of women who suffer from various complications that arise from using painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. Previously, there were nearly 35 cases reported regarding low levels of amniotic fluid in the fetus which are linked with using these medicines by pregnant women in their last pregnancy months. Once these women stop using these medicines, the risk of complications reduces and eventually reverse within a few days.

Women who are prescribed painkillers by their doctors can continue using it. But those who are not sure to use these medicines or not can discuss it with the doctor and determine a safe dosage for painkillers.

The pharmaceutical companies making these medicines have shared that they are in talks with the FDA and working to change medicinal labels mentioning these warnings.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already warned pregnant women not to use any opioids for pain relief in the early months of pregnancy. According to their report, these medicines increase the risk of birth defects in babies.

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Pregnancy is a developmental phase in a woman’s life where feeling new and strange things is normal. Due to the hormonal changes and a growing baby inside, a pregnant woman is highly likely to experience pain, inflammation, and other common problems. However, using over the counter medicines should not be a thing during pregnancy.

It is necessary to talk to a doctor before taking any medicine even if it is a common medicine such as Advil or Ibuprofen.

These medicines look harmless but when there is a baby growing in the womb, anything even an over the counter painkiller can go wrong. FDA urges all pharma companies to mention warnings on their labels so that awareness of painkillers can be made common.







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