Is Kim Jong-Un Using a Body Double Since His Death Rumours Made the Headlines?

In addition to the conspiracy theories on coronavirus being genetically engineered in Wuhan lab, there is another popular theory circulating on media these days. It is about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s mysterious disappearance and rumors of death. Many big media houses are reportedly discussing if Kim is dead or alive.

Some people say that Kim is actually dead and the authorities are using his body’s double for public appearances. While others say that it might be a “time buying” technique, allowing Kim to recover fast after his surgery.

The state-run media houses have released the pictures and videos that show the 36 years old North Korean leader visiting a fertilizer factory, four days ago. This release is right on time amid the death rumors or battling with the disease were circulating like anything.

But many people claim that this person who is in these pictures and videos is not Kim Jong Un but his body double. Now the web sleuths are comparing the facial features in old photos of Kim with these new photos released recently.

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They are giving solid evidence that some of these photos are somehow edited. But many others believe that Kim’s disappearance was because he was into plastic surgery. This explains some changes in his facial features which are somewhat different as seen in his old photos.

The “evidence” given to strengthen this claim includes marking the difference in Kim’s nose, teeth, hairline, ear shape, wrinkles, and even cupid’s bow that are different in his recent photos.

In these photos, his nose appears to be rounder, the cupid’s bow is more defined, teeth are aligned and appear somewhat darker than in old pictures.

The criticism on this supposed evidence says that it is common to go for teeth whitening and straightening procedures. In fact, it is a rather common dental work. Being a chain smoker adds stains to the teeth that are often removed in dental cleaning procedures. The hairline that looks wider in current photos might be just a change of barber.

All this increases the possibility that the North Korean dictator might be using a body double to appear in public events. This could be a harmless strategy to ease the public while the bizarre rumors about Kim’s health are spreading like anything. But experts say that these photos are not enough to say that Kim is dead and this whole news is concealed by using a body double.

Earlier in 2017, pictures of Kim with his body doubles chatting at North Korea’s missile testing were published in leading newspapers including The Sun Online.

Once he was also filmed with two of his body doubles, and all of them were dressed in the same black suit and wearing Cuban heels.

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It is an old rumor that Kim likes to travel along with his body doubles so that any attempt of assassination could be prevented. Despite all these facts, there is a strong reason to believe that Kim is dead and this is just a drama.

Ex-MP Louise Mensch also entered his foot into this controversy by tweeting that;

“Teeth, Cupid’s bow, others. Totally different. Look at those gnashes, if you must.”

She also said that it doesn’t appear to be the same person in these pictures and she is not sure whether it is real Kim Jong-Un or not.

Here is an important event that might add up to this possibility that Kim is dead. The North Korean leader was to attend a ceremony where he was being awarded a medal by Russia. This event was a rather “high profile” event as a celebration of the 75th anniversary of defeating Nazi Germany.

These recent photos are in media after some three weeks of disappearance while he was reportedly ill and had surgery. Considering all these things, it might be easy to guess that probably Kim is dead or in a coma after surgery, if not dead. Still, this information is insufficient and doesn’t give a concluding end.

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