Can You Visit a Hospital During this Coronavirus Pandemic?

Considering the widespread and high transmission rate of coronavirus, it is common to show concern while going outside during this coronavirus pandemic. The health authorities are advising people to follow a distance from each other especially in public. But what’s with people who need medical care at this time?

Visiting a hospital during this coronavirus pandemic seems no less than a problem. And to be honest, it could be extremely dangerous too. For all such people who needs to rush to a hospital but they are fearful for getting infected with coronavirus, the doctors advise that emergency room of all leading hospitals are safe; and if they want to go there, they can easily do it.

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Dr. Patricia Best is a certified interventional cardiologist in Minnesota. She teaches internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases at “Mayo Clinic College of Medicine” and Science”. She says that all leading hospitals are following their safety procedures to improve patient interaction and ensure safe medical care.

She said;  “With this pandemic likely to go on for months, if not a year or longer, we need to make sure people are getting timely care for all of the things that they need,” she said. And that means if someone is “having something that on any other day, they would be calling an ambulance, they should call an ambulance.”

A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology explains that hospital admissions for heart attack (STEMI) have been declined to 38% after March 1st, 2020. It is the time when coronavirus pandemic was at a peak.

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Many people are reportedly dead as they avoided going to the hospital, despite having a medical emergency. This is worrisome and needs proper awareness.

Dr. Phillip L. Coule is the VP at the Augusta University Health System. He has confirmed that, in his hospital, all patients numbers and hospital admissions are reduced to 25% to 40% ever since the coronavirus pandemic has begun.

He says that people are fearful because of this deadly virus. Some of them are delaying their medical procedures that were scheduled, many of them are canceling doctor’s appointments and other related things. But he is sure that there is a factor behind all this that people are on purpose of avoiding the healthcare facility. Mainly because they are scared of getting the virus from here.

He further says that skipping hospitals fearing the infection in this coronavirus pandemic is a bad idea. It is more complicated and riskier for people with heart conditions. When a person is showing symptoms of a heart attack or a stroke, it is a bigger risk than the coronavirus alone and the patient needs immediate medical care, he says.

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This decline in hospital admissions is also observed in all major cities across the US.

Dr. Alice Jacobs, from the Boston University School of Medicine, says that immediate and faster medical care is the only way to survive a heart condition. There is only a margin of a few minutes that a doctor uses to save a patient’s life. And when this time is wasted by not seeking medical care, the result is a confirmed death.

The fear of getting the coronavirus infection is a big concern but avoiding the hospital on purpose by people who are at risk of losing their lives is an even bigger matter. Not just the heart patients, people who need any type of immediate medical help should make their way to the hospital emergency, irrespective of coronavirus pandemic.



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