Chemicals In Foods May Increase Risk of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic now has over three million confirmed cases around the world with an increasing death toll. So far, the United States is the worst-hit country with sixty-thousand deaths and over a million cases of the coronavirus infection.

One of the reasons the US has left behind Italy and China recently is because of the lack of quick action of the spread of COVID-19. The first case in the country was reported back in January.

However, there was no quick action to raise awareness regarding the coronavirus infection or even impose restrictions that could have cut down the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the future. Instead, most authorities reported that one case does not mean the US will also have an epidemic similar to that in China.

The lack of sufficient control mechanisms and preventive measures combined with the prevailing chronic conditions in the local population of the country made the US eventually became the epicenter for the coronavirus infection.

In accordance with research, a number of chronic and pre-existing conditions can raise the chances of not only catching the coronavirus infection but also due to the virus.

Some of such conditions include respiratory issues such as emphysema, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular diseases, liver problems, obesity, kidney issues, and diabetes.

In addition, autoimmune diseases including lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis as well as Crohn’s disease.

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The common factor in all of the aforementioned conditions is that they impact the immune system of an individual negatively and lead to high levels of inflammation.

When the body has lowered immunity and inflammation, it is easier for pathogens such as COVID-19 to cause an infection that can also be potentially life-threatening.

Such conditions have been increasing in the US at a very fast rate in the past five decades. Research has linked the rise to prevalence and exposure to toxic chemicals that are present in the majority of the consumer items.

For instance, endocrine-disrupting chemicals are present in almost every other product. These chemicals are known to disrupt cell communication and functioning of hormones, thereby leading to disruptions in the immune system of the body.

The most common source of endocrine-disrupting chemicals is foods in the diet and the packaging used for it in the US. The major portion of the Standard American Diet consists of packaged, processed, and high-sugar foods that have little to no nutritional value.

Since these foods have no nutrients including vitamins and minerals which are essential in the healthy functioning of the immune system, they increase the risk of developing chronic conditions.

In addition, along with no nutritional value, the packaging of the foods or the food itself contains chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA), which is associated with insulin resistance, disruptions in blood-glucose regulation, cellular dysfunction, and development of conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

The lack of vital nutrients in the body and the perpetual exposure to chemicals can pave the way for a lowered immunity against viruses and other pathogens primarily due to abnormal inflammatory response.

These changes in the body may explain the high fatality of COVID-19 around the world and in the US.

This highlights the need for improving the diets in the country as well as around the globe in general in order to cut down the risk of pandemics similar to the current one in the future.

The likelihood of contracting COVID-19 and other various infections can be reduced solely by adopting a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise and a nutrition-rich diet, which will improve immunity and enable the body to fight off any pathogens with treatment.


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