Insect Killing Spray May also Kill Coronavirus (New Study)

Insect Killing Spray

A new study reveals that a common chemical inside all common insect-killing spray has the potential to kill coronavirus as well. This study is conducted by the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) in the UK.

This chemical is none other than Citriodiol which is found in almost all repellents. Though not known before but Citriodiol is an anti-viral ingredient that was able to kill the virus during a liquid and a surface test. It suggests that the common bug killing sprays can be used to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2,” said the study.

It provides a noticeable effect with almost no recoverable virus after it is subjected to the spray.

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Citriodiol is an ingredient that is naturally found in the eucalyptus citriodora leaves. This tree grows locally in all parts of Asia, and selective parts of America as well as Africa. Reportedly, these trees are also considered as a natural way to kill pathogens including some viruses. But there was no use or news of it killing coronavirus.

This study is the first time that researchers have studied this effect and this work is not yet reviewed externally. Still, the Ministry of Defense defines is one of its types of study which may also influence other organizations and researchers to find potential solutions to kill coronavirus.

DSTL urges that these findings inspire more people to come forward and confirm these findings or conduct more experiments of similar nature.

Ben Wallace, the Defense Secretary of UK previously stated that armed forces are using some common insect-killing sprays to avoid the coronavirus. But there was no scientific confirmation if this simple hack will be effectively killing the virus.

Any spray that contains Citriodiol in it may also do the same and the company or brand name doesn’t matter, according to the researchers. These sprays are not harmful but make sure not to ignore the basic safety precautions i.e. use it on the human body or oral consumption of these sprays.

These insect-killing sprays should only be used as an additional protective tool. It doesn’t mean that wearing a mask, taking care of hand hygiene, or following social distancing should be ignored as a whole if someone is using an insect repellent with Citriodiol on all surfaces around.

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The risk of contracting the coronavirus still persists and it will not end unless there is a vaccine or medicine to treat COVID-19 available. In terms of vaccine development, many top pharma companies are trying to get the most effective and least harmful version of a coronavirus vaccine. In fact, many of them have started their human trials as well.

But without having a vaccine around or non-availability of coronavirus medicines, it is hard to predict when would this pandemic end. The natural decline of this virus is also uncertain because it already been so many months and it has not shown any natural decline. All this information suggests that the basic precautions shared by the CDC should be followed as long as the virus is still around.


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