Stricter Policies are Needed for Controlling Coronavirus Cases in the US

Currently, the coronavirus cases in the US are highest among all other countries with over four million confirmed infections and a rising death. A leading infectious disease expert has stated that the pandemic is bound to worsen even further in the coming days.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and also a prominent member of the White House Task Force for the management of the ongoing health crisis emphasizes the importance of strict measures for the virus.

If the US continues to maintain a similar response to the infection, the healthcare system will be further strained and the pandemic will become worse day by day with even more new cases reported every day.

“If you look at the deaths as they’re occurring right now — about 1,000 per day — unless we get our arms around this and get it suppressed, we are going to have further suffering and further death,” Fauci said in a recent statement regarding the progress on the virus.

He further added that the medical community has repeatedly stated that there are many other measures that can be taken to reduce virus transmission and control the number of new infections as well as the death toll.

While a vaccine is required to end the pandemic all around the world, it does not mean that no other step can be taken to make improvements. In fact, the vaccine alone would not make a difference if certain policies are not implemented.

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The medical community in the country has been warning about worsening conditions of coronavirus in the US since the surge in cases after the lift of the lockdown. Additionally, it has also been suggested that all states imposed stricter restrictions regarding the virus.

On the other hand, the president of the US, Donald Trump has stated the opposite while stressing on how some states should be quicker in reopening businesses, schools, and other public places.

Although the majority of the states planned to reopen completely a few weeks after ending the lockdown, at least twenty-seven of them have now paused and changes their schedule with the concern of the rising number of infections.

Secondly, nearly forty states in the country have also re-imposed some of the previous restrictions and have new rules regarding wearing some kind of face-covering in public places which include both indoor and outdoor spaces.

In some of the cases, re-imposing restrictions have led to a beneficial outcome. For instance, Florida, Arizona, and Texas had large increases in new coronavirus cases in the past month.

After the change in policies regarding preventive measures for coronavirus, the rate has dropped. Even though it does not mean that these states are out of danger, it shows that following certain steps can make a difference.

This is exactly what Dr. Fauci has talked about in his recent statement. Prior to this, he also said that coronavirus cases in the US would be controlled in a few months only if people practice social distancing and wear masks in public.

Currently, two vaccines for coronavirus have shown positive results but there is no guarantee that there will be no challenges in providing them or whether they will work on the vast majority.

Therefore, it is important to follow all the recommended preventive steps for coronavirus before a vaccine is tested and released in the market.

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