‘Human Ken Doll’ is Now a Barbie and Wants a Baby

Human Ken Doll

The famous ‘Human Ken Doll’ star who was also a part of Big Brother (2018) shares how he has spent £55,000 on more surgery that makes him look more feminine. He wants to be called Jessica now and urged to have a baby soon.

The 36 years old star who was previously famous as Rodrigo Alves has renamed himself as Jessica Alves. He also shared with the show hosts,  Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about how ‘she’ was never truly Ken and calls her a Barbie now.

She said, I was extremely unhappy about being Ken but probably I didn’t know what I want at that time. There were only two options either I die to do the transition. There was no third way. As to Jessica, her channeling is still not completed and she needs more surgeries. However, she also swears that once this transition is complete, she will no longer opt the plastic surgeries.

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Jessica has already got her famous cosmetic six-pack and a cosmetic Adam’s apple surgically removed and tells that now her priorities are different. All that she focuses is on herself and this new channeling. She also shares how she wants to have a baby and raise it.

The human ken doll star says that she was never the Ken but the Barbie and she took so much time to finally realize it. Jessica has spent nearly thousands of pounds on breast implants and facial surgery to look more girly.

As to her, the previous life of Ken was just a lie for everyone including herself and at her home, she actually liked to dress up like a girl when no one was watching.

She calls all these years as role-playing where the role was of a man whereas she recognizes herself as a woman. But as he was born with a male body, he was trying to be the best ‘male’ version of himself. But after all these years struggle, she finally realizes that she should prioritize herself and not people.

Upon asked which surgeries she has opted; she tells that she has added extensions to her hair. Also, she got her adam’s apple removed, the injections and procedures in knees, hips, belly, and feet were are also removed which gave her the characteristic Human Ken Doll appearance.

Fans are giving mixed reactions to Rodrigo’s new transition as Jessica. One fan took it out to Twitter saying that Jessica surely looks beautiful but what matters more right now is to quit the plastic surgery as too many procedures might be dangerous for her health.

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Whereas another fan shared that it is hard to imagine all the pain that Jessica had to go through and even the money spent on all these procedures is too much.

Jessica Alves was previously famous as Rodrigo Alves from. Born in 1983, Rodrigo shifted to London at the age of 19 and graduated from the London School of Economics. After going through the surgical interventions of becoming a human ken doll, Rodrigo, now Jessica was quite a celebrity. These surgeries started with a minor nose job and followed up with new procedures every other year.

This year, Rodrigo Alves has come out as a transgender person and opted for the name Jessica Alves for her.

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