How to Clean Your Jewelry to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19?

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One of the many things that this coronavirus pandemic has taught people is why they need to prioritize health and do everything that takes to make it happen. Ever since this pandemic started, all national and international health organizations are emphasizing to take care of personal hygiene which is not limited to hand hygiene only but also includes cleaning the surroundings and things that people touch the most, i.e. clothes, jewelry, and furniture, etc.  With so much information on all cleaning protocols, it is still hard to understand how to clean jewelry as the chemical-based disinfectant may damage its polish or the finish.

Previously, a British, pre-owned jewelry brand investigated how dirty is the jewelry that people wear in routine and how often do they clean the jewelry. The results were surprisingly devastating and they give a clear message on how it is necessary to clean jewelry pieces just like other things especially when health is at high risk.

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There are many things that can keep people away from cleaning their jewelry but one thing is clear that taking care of the jewelry pieces can add years to their life along with the obvious medicinal benefits of ‘not causing a disease’ in the user.

Experts suggest not to try the popular cleaning hacks and DIY tricks to clean jewelry at home. For example, many people suggest that soaking and washing the jewelry with ‘coca-cola’ will wash away all the dirt and germs. However, it is not true and it is much likely to erode and scrape the top shiny layer of your jewelry away.

The best is to get professional help; for example, the jewelry cleaners can do a good job and carefully clean the jewelry pieces without damaging them. While it is recommended to get the gold, platinum and other expensive pieces to be cleaned professionally, other low-cost and everyday jewels can be cleaned at home with a simple method.

Here is how to clean jewelry at home without spending any money on it.

Start with identifying which pieces need cleaning. Health experts suggest cleaning the daily wear pieces is mandatory once a week but even if someone manages to clean them once in two weeks, it will still work.

Next, this cleaning requires a cleaning solution, and obviously, the chemically made disinfectants can’t be used on the jewelry as it can damage them.  The best is to use any dishwashing or liquid detergent and dilute a few drops of it in plentiful warm water in a plastic tub. Soak the jewelry pieces in it for a few minutes and scrub them with an old toothbrush especially around pits and holes. Don’t leave any corners, edges, and engravings.

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Once the scrubbing is completed, rinse with water and dry with a paper towel. Make sure that no soapy residues are left. Try using this process every few days to make sure that your jewelry pieces are clean and dirt free.

Those jewelry pieces which require more cleaning because of their complex design can also be cleaned with steam. For expensive jewelry items, try seeking professional help, and do not experiment on them.




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