Your Jewelry May Be the Cause of Your Unexplained Sickness and Allergies

unexplained sickness

The on-going pandemic has made people prioritize health and follow personal hygiene practices. As much as this hand hygiene is necessary, cleaning the surfaces that are in touch on an almost regular basis is also mandatory. It includes jewelry cleaning as well which is largely ignored for no obvious reasons. However, there is evidence that this jewelry can carry bacteria, fungi, and dirt, all of which can account for an unexplained sickness or allergic reaction in a person.

The research on coronavirus tells that it can live for days on a surface. It has made health experts share a warning on cleaning the surfaces around them for added protection. But what if the jewelry and other personal used items carry the viral strain too? Do people regularly clean their jewelry as much as they do their laundry or wash their bodies? Probably not., which is why the danger of potential unexplained sicknesses remains a threat with uncleaned jewelry.

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Human hands get dirty and contaminated by touching everything that they may need for something. In that case, everything from the clothes to jewelry also requires cleaning as much as doorknobs and kitchen counters.

A study conducted a pre-owned jewelry company named Est1897 has studied how daily wear jewelry may be involved in promoting allergies or sickness which seems unexplained otherwise. Their study ended up revealing surprising information regarding the jewelry. It says that daily wear jewelry may contain nearly 428 times more bacteria and fungi than a dirty toilet seat. The worst part is that it only takes nearly one week for all this dirt and germs to accumulate and reside on the jewelry pieces.

The study found that jewelry pieces can contain up to 21,000 different bacterial growths within a week which include common bacteria to the most harmful and potentially deadly strains like Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). It means dirty jewelry pieces can cause food poisoning, thrush, Diptheria, and much more without any notable cause.

Based on these outcomes, the company Est1897 is promoting people to pay attention to clean their jewelry like clothes and bed linens. They advise everyone to play a vigilant role in cleaning daily wear jewelry pieces at least once every week.

They have also shared how different types of jewelry pieces can contain a variable number of bacterial strains and dirt. They found nearly 500 bacterial strains, one fungal strain, and a huge amount of dirt on one ring, explaining how dirty the rings can become.

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The next item in the dirty jewelry list was ‘wristwatch’ which after being in use for one week only can contain up to 20,020 bacterial strains. These watches are not something that can be washed or cleaned which is why some people never clean their watches for years, fearing that they main ruin them. A pair of earrings, according to this research found to have 485 pathogenic colonies which are lesser than rings buts till a considerable threat to human health.

These results of this study are interesting, surprising, and highlight the need of paying attention to clean jewelry. Not only it will add years to their life but also reduce the risk of common health problems which are avoidable by following better hygienic practices.

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