Groundbreaking Record Set in Coronavirus Cases in 12 US States

Recently, a new analysis of the number of coronavirus cases in the US has revealed that many of the states are experiencing a tremendous increase in the new cases, which is reportedly even higher than it was prior to the first lockdown in the country.

More specifically, a total of twelve states have set a groundbreaking record last Friday with over two thousand cases reported in some in a single day. The states with a rising number of coronavirus cases include South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, and California.

The analysis of the number of coronavirus cases was conducted by using official state data put together by the COVID Tracking Project.

According to the compiled data by the project, Florida has currently diagnosed the highest cases among all other aforementioned states. In a period of three days, over four thousand people tested positive for the coronavirus infection in the state.

After the end of the three-day record high cases, the governor of the state, Ron DeSantis, stated on Saturday that the increase is simply due to the increase in statewide testing for the coronavirus infection in order to track down new cases and decrease the likelihood of further spread.

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In another news briefing, the governor also added that regardless of the newly diagnosed cases of the coronavirus infection, the state of Florida is better prepared and in a much better position than it was in April prior to the lockdown while highlighting the increase in bedding and facilities in hospitals.

On the other hand, a number of local counties in Florida have mandated the use of face masks and coverings in public as well as in workplaces and restaurants. This includes Monroe County and Orange County.

Following Florida, other states such as Utah, South Carolina, and Oklahoma saw a two-day groundbreaking record of cases.

Along with the rise in the number of new cases of coronavirus, the analysis further showed that there is also an increase in the number of hospitalizations due to having the infection.

Around seventeen states including North Carolina, Oklahoma, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Arkansas, Montana, Mississipi, Hawaii, South Dakota, Utah, Tennesse, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Utah require more space to accommodate more patients of coronavirus infection who need to be hospitalized.

Chad Wolf, who is the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security recently said that the task force at the White House is looking at all of the newly reported outbreaks and is actively working on plans to control further spread of the coronavirus infection.

Wolf also added that the task force is working along with local governments and governors of the states in order to reopen on the businesses and the overall economy in the safest possible way which can avoid more new coronavirus cases.

So far, the prevalence of the coronavirus infection in the US remains to be as much as it was prior to the first lockdown.

If the spread of the virus continues, there may be a need for a second lockdown in the near future, according to health experts but the local governments along with governors may not consider another lockdown this soon.


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