Bizarre Ways Astronauts Use to Relieve Back Pain Easily


The lockdown restrictions and work for home are probably two of the best ways to avoid catching the coronavirus infection. Even after the end of the lockdown, many offices and workplaces are continuing to operate online. While this may be good news for many, it can come with a number of side effects as well.

At the moment, the coronavirus transmission is still very high. Even though the majority of the countries had imposed a lockdown for three months straight, the pandemic continues to accelerate.

In addition, the vast majority of people remain highly susceptible to the infection. A few days ago, sixteen women in the state of Florida tested positive for the virus after spending a single night out.

According to the women, this was the first time they went out after the three months lockdown period. All of the women caught the virus in a single day from visiting only one place.

This shows that it is better to stay at home, even after easing of lockdown restrictions. Therefore, the decision to work from home rather than visiting the office is better.

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However, staying at home can have its own adverse effects on both mental and physical health. One of the rising concerns especially among middle-aged adults who work from home is back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common results of poor posture. People with desk jobs or other work that requires constantly sitting in the same position have bad posture.

A poor posture then affects the vertebral column and many people report back pain as a consequence. Since many people are choosing to avoid hospitals, they are constantly looking for ways to relieve back pain easily.

The poor posture seen in people with desk jobs is actually very similar to the posture astronauts have while being in a zero-gravity spaceflight

Astronauts maintain a posture that resembles office workers and of those who tend to stay in bed for longer periods of time. More specifically, the posture includes a forward-leaning head and overall body position.

Having a posture like this can result in the loss of normal spinal curves in the body as a forward-leaning posture means a person does not use postural muscles and ultimately stop working. This is why astronauts follow particular ways to maintain a healthy spine and avoid back pain.

According to research conducted on Aerospace Medicine and Rehabilitation Laboratory at the Northumbria University, people living on Earth can also follow the ways astronauts maintain their spinal cord health.

There are three primary ways in which astronauts relieve back pain easily. After steering clear of work related to spaceflight, the first thing astronauts do is get up and move around.

In fact, they are encouraged to take a break every two hours to walk. Simply moving from one posture can avoid loss of spinal curves. Exercise is step number two after moving around.

Exercise is good for overall health and especially for the spinal cord if done the correct way. This does not mean doing very high-intensity exercise. Doing any physical activity, such as basic pilates can make a big difference.

The last step includes maintaining an upright and neutral position. To do so, start by customizing the work-set up. Make sure the screen is eye-level, do not sit in a reclining position, keep legs straight and feet on the ground.

In case of mild back pain, try keeping a small pillow behind the lower back. Make sure no part of the back in under pressure. Following all these steps can help anyone relieve back pain easily.


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