Bizarre Cosmetic Surgeries – Woman Paid £38,000 for Size 36-K Breasts and a ‘Bimbo; Look

Bizarre Cosmetic Surgery

Amber May, a 22-year-old woman shares the details about her bizarre cosmetic surgeries worth £38,000 which she first started when she was 18 years old. During all these years, her desire to get more surgeries was intensified and the latest addition to this is getting 36-K breast size.

When she was 18, Amber got her first-ever facial filler and now that she is 22, she admits spending thousands of pounds on multiple procedures. She still wishes to get more things done to finally get the look that she wants.

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Amber was not much happy with her natural breasts. According to her, the size was ‘small’ which is why she considered going from 34-C to a remarkably prominent 34-F size. This was the maximum that her surgeon suggested, she shared.

By profession, Amber is a media person. She also occasionally models, acts, and dances. She says that getting all these bizarre cosmetic surgeries has made her catch everyone’s attention. People look at her and often tell her that she resembles a lot to the Barbie doll.

But Amber wants more than this. She remembers how she collected money to get her first breast implants by working at a local club. She did that struggle because she knew she wants a bigger breast size and finally she was able to get it within 12 weeks.

Her first implant was done by Dr. Plovirr and this procedure was completed in Belgium. Following so many Instagram models, Amber knew what she wanted and convinced the surgeon to do it as big as he can.

Eventually, she was given 1650cc of the saline implants which made her fit into the 36-K size bra. But that’s not where she plans to end.

Amber wants to go under the knife again, next year. She says that she wants them to be bigger than this current size.

The money that Amber has spent on bizarre cosmetic surgeries includes £11,00 worth breast implants, £15,000 worth butt lift and implants, £8,000 spent on a nose job, and the remaining on facial fillers and botox.

On asking how were these changes received by the public, Amber says that the response was overwhelming. As she is a media person, she is highly involved in social media. Right after she got her first breast implant, Amber’s Insta followers grew 20,000+ within a single day. She remembers this as a ‘crazy’ experience which led her to consider getting more procedures done.

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She expects to earn much more after these surgeries. She was also earning well before spending thousands on these procedures but considering the response from the public, she expects her earnings to increase significantly.

First, she was only a club dancer but now she knows so many more ways to generate money that includes TV, modeling, cam shows, and whatnot. According to her, she has a full-time job where people pay her for how she looks.

Amber is single and has no plans of getting into a relationship right now. Though she has received countless offers and attention from men, she shares that she is only focusing on the work right now. She wishes to get more implants and maybe a tummy tuck in near future.




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