‘COVID Shaming’ His Rally Wont Work, Says Trump

COVID shaming

Trump is making news again, criticism over his rallies has him upset. He says ‘COVID shaming‘ his rallies won’t stop him.

The president made bold comments. Holding his rally in comparison to Black Lives Matter protests he offended many. The protests that began after the killing of George Floyd, has begun a conversation on race.
Floyd, a Black man aged 46, died after Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck after arresting him.
Ruthless racism among many other aggressors led the protesters to call for justice. The president regards the protesting in his tweet as ‘Looters and Rioters’ moreover making the situation delicate for himself. 
His rally that was to take place on June 19, known as Juneteenth, will now take place on 20 June.
Juneteenth the day that marks the end of slavery in 1865 is significant nationwide. Therefore the original announcement for the rally to take place on Juneteenth sparked outrage.
Tulsa the area where Trump expects to hold his rally is before marked with tragedy. In 1921 Around 300 people who were mostly black died in a horrific massacre. White mobs ravaged the majority of the black-owned property.
Trump’s bizarre tweet arrives a few days before his rally. His controversial will be set to happen in Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday.
Tulsa, the site of one of the most heinous racial violence in America’s history in 1921 does not sit well. Many critics, thus, were angry at the President’s choice of location combined with the date.
Sherry Gamble Smith, president of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce, calls it disrespectful and like a slap.
It appears it eventually led Trump to change the date.
Tulsa city’s top public health official does not support Trump’s coming into the city for a rally. Concerns for public health and the nature of coronavirus pandemic are emerging.
 The state of the country due to the pandemic on top of racism is troubling. Race relations and national protests against the brutality of the police lead concerns.
Trump calls these criticisms ‘COVID Shaming‘ for his campaign. His campaign trail is part of his try for reopening the economy.
Over the weekend, Oklahoma and other states report a rise in cases.
Tulsa public health director, Bruce Dart says he’s concerned. Anyone who attends large events indoors might not receive protection. He says their ability to ensure the safety of the president is under question.
Therefore, to avoid further, as Trump calls it ‘COVID Shaming’, rally attendees must sign waivers. These waivers ensure that Trump will not be responsible for anyone contracting coronavirus.
Regardless of impeding concerns, White House economic adviser however, insists holding a rally is safe. Oklahoma senator James Lankford also backs this.
Lankford refers to the increase in COVID-19 cases in his state as a tiny bit of a bump.
Trump has hardly ever worn a face mask in public. Federal guidelines, however, advise in support of it and it is wise if attendees at Tulsa also choose to wear one.
Despite Trump’s stubborn decision to keep prospects of his rally open, Tulsa suffers great challenges from coronavirus. With no treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 in sight, it is not a surprise Trumps rally is ‘COVID Shamed’

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