Coronavirus US cases Are Rising Because People Refuse to Believe Science

Coronavirus US cases

Just when people began to hope for the rise in coronavirus US cases to cease, once again COVID-19 cases are increasing and breaking records for most cases and hospitalizations.

William Haseltine is the chairman and president of ACCESS Health International. He says the epidemic is spiraling out of control and the public behavior is to blame for the current rise in cases.

He explained how people did not take the dangers of coronavirus seriously, despite the multiple warnings doled out by health professionals and doctor’s people refused to social distance and continued to gather publicly and privately. He noted how blatantly people were ignoring professional health advice and how it was affecting the current situation.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, about 30 states are suffering a higher rate of coronavirus related deaths this previous week in comparison to the week before that. This is alarming considering the rise in coronavirus US cases is not limited to a few states but several ones.

What’s even more alarming is that in exactly 12 states among the 30, the rise in deaths is about 50%. These states include Alaska, West Virginia, Virginia, Maine, Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

Test positivity rate is the indicator of how stubbornly a virus is scattering. For more than 30 states, that rate is dangerously high.

Health experts say if Americans expect schools to reopen safely and wish the economy to stabilize than they seriously need to be aware of their responsibility during this pandemic.

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Haseltine says people need to do more than just wear face masks and social distancing, they need to limit their contact people as much as possible.

Although it isn’t so complicated to do in theory, Haseltine says it is proving difficult to do psychologically and sociologically. He admits it’s even harder to do for the youth.

Haseltine says keeping a safe environment for work and limiting your contact with others is one of the most important things one can do during the pandemic besides wearing masks and keeping a safe 6-foot distance.

According to Johns Hopkins data more than 4.6 million Americans have caught the coronavirus and there have been more than 154,000 deaths due to the virus.

Previously this was thought to be an urban problem but now it’s beginning to be a more widespread issue as more and more rural communities are catching the infection.

Dr. Deborah Birx is the White House coronavirus response coordinator. She says the virus is shockingly really widely spread.

She insists that people stop living in the delusion that they are safe living in a rural setting. She says no matter which location in America people are they need to socially distance and wear masks since it’s a dangerous threat no matter the location.

Now that the rise in US coronavirus cases has become common news, 30 states have decided to pull off plans for reopening and returning to normal life. They have either halted plans or instilled newer stricter coronavirus rules.

Increasing evidence shows that face masks are effective at keeping the virus at bay, therefore 39 states have imposed some sort of mask order to limit the spread.

Dr. James Phillips is a physician and assistant professor at George Washington University Hospital. He says since people aren’t adhering to advice and are not practicing social distancing or wearing masks, he is concerned about the general deviation from science in the masses and their behavior against it. He is concerned that the virus hasn’t been seriously controlled and there are still rises in cases.

People need to understand how real the danger brought by coronavirus is. Until the common masses understand their civic duty to protect those around them, the virus will remain out of control coronavirus US cases will continue to rise.

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