Coronavirus Pandemic is Out of Control in the UK

coronavirus pandemic in the uk

The local health experts are concerned over the rapidly increasing new coronavirus cases, suspecting that the pandemic is uncontrollable in the UK, despite following social gatherings restrictions.

Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific advisor shared in an official press conference called the situation heading to the uncertainty of outcomes because of the high increase in cases. In addition to this, Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, UK has informed that hospital admissions and emergency visits are increasing almost every day and the situation is obviously out of hands right now.

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In the UK, the pandemic has taken at least 42,000 lives to the date which is the highest death score in entire Europe. The British government imposed a strict lockdown in the month of March yet the virus spread to almost everywhere.

This lockdown was lifted from most parts of the country in June but the last few weeks have shown the re-emergence of the virus in the country. The entire country is now following a restriction order on all social gatherings. Most of the public places i.e. pubs also close early.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has commented that it is probably too early to say if these restrictions are fulfilling their purpose. The thing that is needed more is to work together and beat the pandemic so that no more restrictions and lockdowns deem necessary.

With all these increasing cases of coronavirus, the Conservative lawmakers seem somehow offended on the restriction limiting citizen’s freedom.  At least 50 MPs have shared a notion to join a motion in the British parliament, asking for higher scrutiny in these regulations in the near future.

However, Lindsay Hoyle, the speaker of the British House of Commons has straightaway refused to allow an amendment in votes mainly because of the procedural causes.

The PM Boris Johnson has somehow defended all the local lockdowns imposed recently despite witnessing no change in the coronavirus pandemic situation in the UK. He said that the new cases are only reporting from some areas for which, these local control measures are necessary.

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A couple of days ago, UK has reported the highest number of cases in a single day ever since this coronavirus pandemic has set its feet in the UK. This new record is 7143 new cases all confirmed by the diagnostics within 24 hours. The next day it decreased to the 7108 cases in 24 hours but the threat remains largely high in the UK as compared to other European countries.

Many other European countries are also reporting the re-emergence of new coronavirus cases for example Romania as well as the Netherlands. One of the major reasons could be that now the daily testing figure is much more than the previous months.

Many health experts believe it is the second wave of coronavirus pandemic in the UK and other European countries that are targeting new people. While others believe it is a result of easing restrictions without fully ending the pandemic which made the viral spread everywhere.



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