Strawberry Tongue is a REAL Disease and Not a Myth!

strawberry tongue

Strawberry tongue is a real medical condition that manifests as swollen and tiny bumps on the tongue like a strawberry. It makes the tongue go white for some days and after that, it gets backs to normal.

Unlike other diseases, the strawberry-like appearance of the tongue represents a hidden medical condition. Only a certified doctor can evaluate and treat it.

There are many conditions that may leave the strawberry tongue. To find a treatment for it, first, it needs a correct evaluation of its causes. Once the underlying condition is identified, treating it becomes much easier.

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The foremost reason that may end up making the tongue bumpy and swell the taste buds is Kawasaki disease. There is no clear understanding of how some people get this disease while others don’t. Apparently, children are more likely to get diagnosed with the Kawasaki disease but in general, people of all ages can become infected.  This disease represents inflammation of the arteries and shows up like high-grade fever, skin rashes, irritation in the eyes, skin peeling and shedding, swelling in limbs, and chapped lips.

Some specific types of allergies including drug-based and food-based allergies both can cause strawberry tongue. These allergies may show up as skin rashes, itching in eyes, runny eyes, sneezing, cough, irritation in the mouth, problems in breathing, and nasal congestion.

Scarlet fever can also be behind the bumpy white tongue. Generally, when a strep throat infection is left untreated, it leads to a chronic condition that is scarlet fever. In some people, the strawberry tongue shows up days before the actual symptoms of scarlet fever appear. These symptoms include redness on the body and face, high-grade fever, sore throat, pain, red lines on the skin.

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Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a deadly condition that may also show its patient to have a strawberry-like appearance of the tongue. TSS shows up like a sudden and explained fever in addition to nausea, diarrhea, body pains, and vomiting. If ignored, TSS can even kill a person.

Most people assume that TSS is only caused by using tampons however it is not always true. It can also show up in people who are trying to stop the nose bleeding using a tissue or medical gauze. In case of such an emergency, the best is to take immediate medical help.

Sometimes there is no reason for causing strawberry tongue, especially in children. When there is no underlying condition, the doctors conduct tests to find out what has caused it. Most of the time, it’s the vitamin B12 and folate deficiency that can hit a person with sores on the tongue. The risk increases if the person is weak, stressed, or have memory-related problems.

Irrespective of the reason, if a person suspects a change in his tongue, it is necessary to go to the nearest medical center and get help. Delaying it will only make it worst and in some cases when the TSS is the underlying condition, it can even cause death.

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