Coronavirus Death Toll in the US Crossed 180,000

Coronavirus Death Toll

Coronavirus death toll in the US has surpassed 180,000, confirmed by the COVID-19 tracker which is designed and operated by a research team from Johns Hopkins University. Within the last 24 hours, there are 931 deaths confirmed and the Baltimore-based university established these deaths to be 180,527 accurately.

No less than 42,859 new coronavirus cases are confirmed making the total number of coronavirus cases in the US to be 5,860,397.

Right now, the United States the worst-hit country by the pandemic and the coronavirus death toll is also the highest here. On the other side, more than 2,101,326 are now recovered after receiving the treatment.

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Although the total number of coronavirus cases in the US have been declined in the last few weeks still, it doesn’t give any information if the virus is vanishing or not.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield gave a statement last week telling how some parts of the country are experiencing an improvement in terms of new coronavirus cases. But it doesn’t mean that the risk has ended; the risk still remains unless there coronavirus death toll and new cases, both decline together.

Although the new cases per week have been reduced from 67,317 in July to 43,000 as of last week. But these numbers have never been less than 1000 in any week from July to this day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has edited their online coronavirus guideline. These guidelines don’t advise being at home in isolation for at least two weeks after returning from an international destination and from areas that are declared high-risk areas for COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, CDC advises all people to obey their state or national level guidelines or recommendations especially in terms of international travel. Dr. Thomas Frieden is a former CDC director who has urges people to follow the previous guideline to be in isolation and avoid going out like its normal life again.

If someone looks at this situation in terms of epidemiology, any place which has high cases of coronavirus should be avoided in the first place. Still, if a person has to travel, isolating for 14 days is highly recommended. It is better for individual safety and everyone around that person.

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For many researchers, this self-isolation seems like a sensible recommendation, and changing the CDC guidelines is not a wise thing. People will be paying attention to what is told to them and calculating the risk is not something that most people do. based on this fact, recommending to stay at home, avoiding people is probably the best advice to avoid catching coronavirus.

In addition to these, other precautions for example, following good hand hygiene, maintaining the social distancing, and avoiding unnecessarily going out should also be respected.

The vaccination trials are now in their final phases but without having a vaccine, it is hard to say if going out in public especially after traveling or returning from a high-risk area is safe. Till then, following the precautions is the only way to be safe.




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