US Healthcare System in Absence of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Affordable Care Act is also known as Obamacare has been successful in helping millions of Americans to afford their healthcare expenditures and medical costs for the last ten years. But the Republican government now wants to change the state tax laws which is highly likely to make this act unconstitutional. But how would the Americans suffer in absence of this affordable health care plan? The Supreme Court hearings are starting next month to discuss the future of healthcare in the US.

The deficiencies and questions on ACA can be improved without making it unconstitutional. But even if it is taken down, it seems like the Republican government has no alternate or backup to support the US healthcare system. So, it looks like almost all Americans will be highly affected by this policy change. Here are a few possible scenarios that may show up in the absence of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

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First, all those citizens who have got insurance will be suffered the most. ACA helped to get the maximum people on its insurance with the help of the Medicaid programs. These health plans were simple, affordable, and easy to buy which is why the program soon became a hit in the country. Using this plan, American adults can also use their parent’s coverage for no more than 26 years of age. In case ACA is abolished, nearly  20 million Americans will be out of their health insurance.

For this reason, many hospitals and clinics may also close especially those which are located in faraway communities. Considering the on-going pandemic, this closure of health services providers may cause more damage than it sounds. It will leave local residents helpless and without the availability of healthcare facilities.

Even before ACA was introduced, buying health insurance was the least common among Americans. It was more of a financial burden than help all because they had pre-existing medical conditions.

Before ACA was imposed, the health insurance providers used a confused approach under which, people with specific medical conditions were denied for insurance. It absolutely disregards the whole purpose of buying medical insurance if a person can’t use it for his health conditions. surprisingly, these denied conditions included common problems such as substance abuse and even acne. Some of the insurance companies also denied granting coverage for rape survivors, and C-sections.

It seems that the senior citizens will be most drastically affected by the turning down of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as it will surely increase the price of prescription drugs. Already, most of them are denied or experience a significant coverage gap, having ACA abolished will make it impossible to access medical attention and care that they need.

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With the on-going pandemic, there is less focus on other health problems that were already rising in the US for example opioid epidemic. Not many people know but at least 20 million Americans are suffering from severe substance addiction. These people were replying upon the Affordable healthcare Act (Obamacare) for accessing the required treatment but in the absence of this insurance, their chances of recovery will reduce.

The impact would be much higher on special community groups such as women, minorities, immigrants, etc. With all these prevailing risks, declaring Obamacare unconstitutional will more likely to make healthcare impossible for most Americans. It requires an alternative and equally good health insurance plan to be proposed and imposed for the well-being of the citizens.



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