Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

Learning Musical Instrument


Learning a musical instrument looks fun but it is not just the ‘fun’ that people get by learning it. Health experts reveal the cognitive benefits of learning it at any age. And it is not even limited to the choice of the instrument; everything has more or less the same benefits.

Dr. Paul Evans from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences says that people often talk about the importance of learning a musical instrument for mental peace but it is a lot more than that.

Contrary to popular belief, music is extremely healthy for every person. Learning how to go well with an instrument helps a person to focus more on the instrument and the same applies to other things in life too. There is plenty of data that suggests that students learning music experience an improvement in their overall health. This effect is not very high but it is still there. So the claims about the health benefits of music are not completely false; in fact, they are very much true.

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For some people, being a part of a music group or a choir also works as a therapy. It improves the general well being of a person, improves their connection with everyone around them, and make them more focused.

But it takes the right type of motivation to get all these benefits. If a person is motivated enough to learn a musical instrument, he will get all the said benefits that researchers explain.

But if this reason is to do other things better, for example, improving their grades, it is not a real motivation to learn music. If the reason is something that relates to the music itself, there are high chances that this learning will naturally show up in all other activities too.

The idea behind learning a musical instrument should be purely related to the music alone. And if someone understands this, he will surely get the reward in many forms. Learning a new skill is exciting and for most people, it is enjoyable too.

Dr. Evans believes that musical education is necessary and everyone should value it. while there are many ways and methods through which music can help a person but when a person learns something for the first time, it not only gives him the satisfaction of achievement but also motivates him to do better in everything.

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Music has drastic effects on mental health especially emotional well-being. Understanding how music can change is something that should receive more appreciation and recognition that it has.

Music education should be a part of all primary education units. Making it a part of the curriculum will help all those who are trying to manage music classes with education or other activities.



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