Coronavirus Death Toll Crosses 1600 in China

The coronavirus first emerged in China and now the whole world is highly concerned about it, as it is completely out of control. China has taken drastic measures to stop the spread of this virus yet it has taken nearly 1600 lives till the date. There is no specific antiviral treatment recommended for coronavirus but some everyday preventive actions are recommended that can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The recent stats show that nearly sixty-eight thousand people have been infected with coronavirus in China and its death toll has crossed sixteen hundred cases. The number of new cases has dropped in the central province Hubei and some other parts of the country for the last twelve days. The first death case due to coronavirus outside Asia has been reported in France,

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The National Health Commission spokesman, Mi Feng explains that China has taken strict measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. And due to taking these measures, the coronavirus spread is controlled in many parts of the country.

The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tells that it isn’t possible to predict which directions can be affected by this new epidemic. That’s why all governments, news organizations, and companies were asked to work with WHO against coronavirus.

A team of World Health Organization (WHO) will visit China in a few days for a joint mission with Chinese counterparts.

More than fifty million people are placed under quarantine in the central province of China, Hubei and in Wuhan city. The Chinese authorities have announced to seal off the Hubei from the rest of the country. The movement across the province is more tightened.

All the public places that are not very essential will be closed. A 14-day quarantine will be implemented in the residential areas and workplaces where some cases are confirmed. All other country’s local authorities have introduced measures to stop coronavirus.

An eighty-year-old Chinese tourist is the fourth person who is died from coronavirus outside China. The countries where deaths due to coronavirus have happened outside China are France, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines.

More than three hundred infections are confirmed on a quarantined cruise ship off Japan

The US, Hong Kong, and Canada tell that their citizens will be evacuated from ship soon and will be quarantined on their home soil. Most of the countries are not allowing arrivals from China and several airlines have cut their services to China.

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Hubei authorities consider it important to increase the police force use and strengthen the police force used during the crisis. And have sacked a number of local officials of the province Hubei and Wuhan city for not handling the outbreak properly. The local officials who are suspended due to mishandling the outbreak include political chiefs of the province and the top two health officials of province Hubei.

Zhou Xun thinks that when a health crisis like a coronavirus happens, the international image of the country is at risk. Just like China who is currently facing this problem. Overall, China has done very little to build up its health system. The Health system in China is not very strong, expensive, inefficient, and chaotic. That’s why the current crisis in China is the worst and the death toll crosses sixteen hundred.

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