China Finally Lifts the Lock down from Wuhan City after 76 Days

The residents of Wuhan, the Chinese city from where the novel coronavirus emerged are now allowed to go outside for the first time as the government has lifted the lockdown after 76 days. This lockdown was an attempt to control the viral spread by keeping people indoor as coronavirus is highly contagious.

Wuhan city is reopened after this lockdown but some restrictions will remain imposed in the city and local health authorities warn that the risk of further infections remains far from over.

China closed the city of Wuhan on January 23rd when it became the epicenter of the deadly COVID-19 infection. But at 12.50 am on Wednesday, trains carrying locals of the city started their operation, and significant inter-states movement has also started for the first time after this lockdown on Wuhan was lifted.  There are nearly 11 million peoples living in Wuhan who are now allowed to roam around the city.

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And fifty thousand of those eleven million individuals have been infected with coronavirus while more than two thousand have lost their lives to this virus. After ending lockdown in Wuhan, the point immediately started slanting on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform. ‘Welcome back Wuhan’ and ‘Wuhan lifts lockdown’ were posted on twitter.

More than fifty thousand individuals will leave china today, as indicated by ticket deals looked into by state supporter CCTV.

During this lockdown, the authorities urged Wuhan’s citizens to stay at their homes but now as the lockdown is lifted, the local residents would finally enjoy partial freedom.

Only two new cases are reported in the city in the last fourteen days. But the health authorities have allowed only limited freedom to people to protect them against the second wave of coronavirus that might hit soon.

As an epidemic control official in Wuhan, Luo Ping, says that;

“For now, we still call on citizens to remain vigilant on the epidemic, don’t go out unless it’s necessary, and wear masks and properly protect yourself when you do,”

The local health officials are now giving more importance to the asymptomatic cases as there is no way to predict who might be transferring this infection to others. An asymptomatic person could be tested positive for coronavirus and capable of viral transmission. That is why the health officials have requested all citizens not to travel unnecessarily except when it’s vital.

Barriers will remain around housing colonies and the people are possibly allowed to leave only if they have a green wellbeing code or having reports stipulating a substantial explanation.

Liu Xiaomin tells that she and her family just came to Wuhan to celebrate the new year holiday but they had to stick there just because of coronavirus. But now, as the lockdown is lifted, they are leaving the city.

A migrant worker is very happy while coming back to her city, Xiangyang. She says,

‘I’m cheerful, I’m returning home today, my mood will be better but when I get back I still won’t go out too much.’

Similarly, Hong Kong authorities have decided that social-distancing and travel limitations including the closure of call public places and prohibiting all open gatherings. These limitations would remain in force until April 23 as it keeps on engaging to end the spread of coronavirus.

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Many other limitations that are imposed in all major cities includes closure of cinemas, gyms, karaoke parlors, and dance clubs. Massage parlors and beauty salons will also close during this lockdown. The fourteen-day closure of the airports and suspension of all foreign arrivals is also extended.


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