Survey Shows Decreasing Support For U.S. Government In Handling COVID-19

The current coronavirus pandemic has now caused the majority of the countries including the U.S. to announce lockdowns at a national level and take multiple other preventive measures to ensure the virus does not spread further.

However, a new CNN-poll conducted by the SSRS showed that the death rates in the country increased by eight points regardless of the efforts of the Federal government. The death toll in the U.S. has now surpassed twelve thousand.

Figures such as these are worrying the majority of the Americans who have recently expressed their concerns over the rate at which the coronavirus infection is spreading.

A big number of people also believe that the worst is yet to come and the numbers are likely to rise even higher.

A poll conducted two weeks earlier by ABC News/Washington Post showed a lower percentage of Americans who knew of a person who had tested positive for COVID-19. Now, the figure has doubled to approximately twenty-two percent one in five people knowing someone with the infection.

Another forty-six percent, which is almost half, state that they believe someone from their social circle or family is likely to contract the virus.

Although the views were largely dependent on the socio-economic status of the people only about a few weeks ago, eighty percent of the majority is now looking for the situation to worsen in the country.

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Thirty-seven percent of these state that they have become more worried even though there are not increased restrictions in the country while fifty-five percent feel that Trump Administration is not making enough efforts to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

When it comes to agreeing on whether President Trump’s way of handling the pandemic is enough or not, the division amongst the Americans is almost equal. Before March, forty-one percent of the people approved, forty-eight did not, and eleven percent were unsure.

After the beginning of March, both of the percentages went up with fifty-two percent being against Trump’s way of tackling the pandemic and forty-five percent being in favor of the president.

Another fifty-five percent state that he can take additional measures while forty-three percent believes he has done all he could. Overall, Trump’s overall approval rates stand at forty-three percent to fifty-five percent, which is almost equal, in all three CNN polls.

These are the President’s best approval ratings on the topic of healthcare policy since the year 2017 but it should also be noted that the support for the performance of the federal government is rapidly decreasing since the start of the month.

More precisely, the rates of support are falling with twelve points each month. Secondly, the efforts of the federal government in handling COVID-19 are also divided by party with eighty-five percent of democrats disapproving the handling and eighty percent of conservatives supporting the government.

In the past two weeks, these divisions have increased as well with the number of Democrats who disagree with the federal government’s way of handling coronavirus pandemic rising by eighteen points.

The disagreements within the two major parties may have further consequences on the Americans’ concern over the further spread of the virus.

However, the survey reportedly showed members of both parties agreed on better and improved protective equipment for the healthcare workers as well as more hospital facilities are required.

Additionally, both also agree that the rising number of cases may strain the healthcare system in the country which also hints the expectation of ‘the worse is yet to come’.

The expected potential impact of a worsening COVID-19 affects all Americans but maybe exceptionally worse for people depending on socio-economic and even ethnic/racial divisions.

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