Ariana Grande’s Rare Tomato Allergy- Is This Even Real?

Ariana Grande tomato allergy
Image by Micha W. from Pixabay

The famous singer and actor Ariana Grande has canceled some of her tours after reporting an ‘allergic reaction’ leading to inflammation of the throat. But not many people know that Ariana Grande has a rare type of tomato allergy.

The star shared an Instagram post saying that this allergic reaction feels like she is eating and swallowing a piece of cactus. However, she says that she is trying everything to avoid it and somehow, she is making some progress too. But many people criticize her for questioning if this tomato allergy is even a real thing.

To everyone’s surprise, yes it is very much real and highly unlikely. There are many common foods that are considered healthy but it is possible for some people to develop allergies from them. even if someone has spent more than twenty years eating tomatoes based foods, it is possible for him to develop an adult-onset of tomato allergy-like Ariana Grande.

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It is such a rare type of allergy that many people don’t even realize that they are allergic to tomatoes. But if someone experiences tomatoes allergy there are high chances that they are going to develop allergies against other dietary staples too such as eggplants or potatoes.

This tomato allergy which has come to the limelight because Ariana Grande may not even look like an allergic reaction sometimes. For some people, it causes another type of infection that is an oral allergy syndrome (OAS).

The itch in the throat, eyes, and mouth are caused by an internal reaction triggered by pollen grains in the air and some dietary sources that we eat. The body mistakes certain compounds in fruits and vegetables as pollen and induces a reaction that is very close to an allergic reaction. For most people, it is an itchy throat.

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It affects those who have environmental allergies such as hay fever. Whenever these people eat tomatoes or other food sources, it gives them an itchy mouth, throat, and tongue. This is most likely to happen when a person eats fresh or raw veggies and fruits.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia predicts that tomato allergies are most common among people who have allergies to grass. They further share that although food allergies are most common in children, adult on-set is also a possibility. Research published in the journal JAMA Network Open overlooked nearly 40,000 adults to find out that 10% of them have food allergies. And half of them shared that they experienced these allergic symptoms in their adult years, not childhood.

Irrespective of when do they appear, food-related allergies are a hidden problem for health. while most people are allergic to shellfish, nuts, or spices, a tomato allergy is rare and uncommon. But it shows that it is possible to develop allergies from healthy food sources and not just the occasional foods i.e. shellfish or nuts.

One has to pay attention to these allergic reactions and the potential triggers which induce these reactions. Once the triggers are identified, managing allergy becomes easier.


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