Health Experts Suspect that COVID-19 Vaccine Will Come with a Number of Side Effects

COVID-19 vaccine side effects
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The whole world is waiting for the COVID-19 vaccines as some of the leading pharma companies have announced that it will be available soon. Most people, including health experts, agree that this vaccine will save the world from the on-going pandemic. But some researchers are warning about COVID-19 vaccine side effects urging medics to get ready to experience new medical cases.

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Researchers are explaining that even if people are vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that they have got 100% protection from the deadly coronavirus. Dr. Sunjay Mannan from the AHN Family Medicine says that people who receive this COVID-19 vaccine can expect side effects such as fatigue, pain, low-grade fever, muscle pain, and headache too. These side effects take nearly 72 hours to completely vanish.

The up-coming COVID-19 vaccine will require 2 doses, a few weeks apart. The pharmaceutical companies, as well as health experts, are worried that if people experienced these COVID-19 vaccine side effects after the first shot, they may never come back for the second shot.

Although many pharma companies have shared the results from these phase three clinical trials telling them that their vaccines are 90% to 95% efficient. But to get this efficiency, one has to take both shots of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Getting the first COVID-19 vaccine shot and skipping the second shot would ensure safety from the virus.

Some people may also experience even worse side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving the second shot. These effects could be serious to an extent that they might have to take an off from work and rest at home.

But this time of taking an off is nothing paralleled to the time which they will waste in case they contract the deadly coronavirus.

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Spending a couple of days at home, resting, and relaxing to get over COVID-19 vaccine side effects is a lot better than spending weeks in quarantine and weeks of isolation from your loved ones, in case you tested positive. So probably the side effects of this vaccine aren’t that bad as they may sound.

Dr. Mannan has also shared suspicion that the availability of vaccines may help to ease the coronavirus restrictions and limitations. But it wouldn’t be the case if people refuse to get a vaccine.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is necessary for everyone and even if doesn’t save everyone from the infection, it will save majority of them from it. So overall, it would be a great help to maintain the public health order.

Refusing vaccines fearing for potential side effects is an illogical thing and not recommended. Also, it doesn’t mean that everyone who gets this vaccine will surely experience these side effects. There is no general rule of everyone exhibiting the same response towards the same vaccine. As every body is different, the response of their bodies towards the COVID-19 vaccine will also differ. However, there is no way to determine who is likely to experience these side effects more often.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the end of this year.




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