200 People Might be Exposed to Coronavirus through Planet Fitness Gym

Planet Fitness Gym

Easing of lockdown and opening of the local business with an ongoing pandemic is proving extremely challenging for the government. These public places, that are now open are acting as the focal point of coronavirus transmission. Recently, hundreds of people got exposed to coronavirus in Planet Fitness Gym, in Western Virginia.

Reportedly, there is one person behind all this mess who visited the gym a few days ago. This person, yet anonymous was here in the gym on June 24th ad was later tested positive for the coronavirus, confirms Monongalia County Health Department. The department of health has recommended nearly 205 visitors from that day to get into a self-isolation for 14 days.

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After this news was out, the Planet Fitness Gym’s share drop by 6%, causing a huge problem for this fitness business.

The gym management has shared that they are closing their Morgantown branch for thorough cleaning and they will reopen it in a couple of days. It also shares that till Monday, there is no news of any other person experiencing the coronavirus symptoms.

McCall Gosselin is the spokesperson for Planet Fitness Gym and he says that they are working as per recommendations of the county’s health department for coronavirus. he also said that the owners showed a quick response right after the news of a gym member reported positive.

There is no news of any other member present during or after that time falling sick. However, it is necessary to inform everyone who came to this gym after this coronavirus patient was here in the gym to look for the symptoms.

As per estimation, there are more than 200 people who are at risk and there is no way to know if anyone of them is exposed or not. The only way of knowing it is to wait unless someone develops any symptoms.

The gym owners are getting it cleaned by taking the services of a third party. They plan to follow the necessary precautionary measures in all of their branches. But the responsibility of controlling the virus’s transmission doesn’t only fall on these places.

The CDC advises everyone who is experiencing any symptom that looks like COVID-19’s symptom to isolate himself. There should be no contact with anyone and absolutely no outside movement. It is like putting other’s health at risk, medical experts believe.

The management of Planet Fitness Gym is taking measures on cleanliness by training its staff for it, making sure to maintain social distancing, proper sanitization of every member, and reducing the common touchpoints to avoid transmission.

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Going to a gym during coronavirus pandemic is not a preferred idea. It is better for everyone to stay at home and do home-based exercises. But still, if someone wishes to start training at the gym, it is necessary to follow the standard protocols and respect them.

There is no other way of ending coronavirus than to stop its transmission. and this transmission can only be controlled through precautionary measures.


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