Coronavirus in Arizona: The Governor Calls for a 30-Day Lockdown

Coronavirus in Arizona

The coronavirus cases in the US are not holding back and every day reports thousands of new cases. Like other states, these coronavirus cases in Arizona are also at a rise which has made the state government reconsider their lockdown lifting decision.

In an attempt to control the massive coronavirus transmission, the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey has ordered all local eateries, bars, clubs, parks, cinemas, and even gyms to remain close for the next 30 days. However, there is no news on whether or not this lockdown would end after 30 days. Considering the daily increase in cases, it looks like that it may extend further.

This new lockdown would start from Monday night.

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The Governor has also urged all schools to remain close and delay their schedule till 17th august, until further notice. Many schools were planning to re-open by the end of July and start of August. But this new lockdown imposition has delayed it.

The decision to continue or end this lockdown may change if there is a decrease in coronavirus cases in Arizona state. However, it doesn’t look like these cases will slow any time soon.

The nightclubs and many bars in Arizona were re-opened after the stay home orders and lockdown restrictions expired in May.

But the health officials from the state have confirmed 3,858 cases on Sunday which is so far the highest single-day increase in coronavirus cases in this state.

This is not the first time that these cases are taking a spark. It is 7th time now that the coronavirus cases in a single day are more than 3000 cases.

Ever since the pandemic has emerged, it has caused nearly 1,588 deaths in Arizona and infected more than 74,500 people so far. However, this number of infected people is increasing every day and demands a revised control policy because the previous one is clearly failing.

This order was much needed right now, as these public spots are recently opened on July 27th. taking an action on the right time is the only way to control the infection’s spread.

These closure rules don’t apply to the private pools and gyms that people use for themselves. However, even in these private places, a gathering of at least 10 or more than 10 people is not allowed.

The state Governor is also working on establishing another ban for gatherings with 50+ people in them. On the other side, the liquor department of the state is putting an end to the special alcohol limits issued some time ago.

All the respective cities, as well as counties, will impose individual bans and allow anything with special permit only. Those places which were opened from June 27th are closed now and those which were already closed will follow the same until next orders from Governor.

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The coronavirus cases in the US have crossed 2.6 million and they are not coming slow. It is the need of time that Americans take responsibility for their safety and make sure that the transmission of this virus is minimum.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises everyone to wear a mask while interacting with others. There are nearly 126,360 deaths by a coronavirus, as per Johns Hopkins University’s database. The cases seem to be at risk in public places such as bars and gyms. Considering all this, the decision of Arizona’s Governor is the right thing to do for controlling the new coronavirus cases in Arizona.



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