Why You Should Never Eat Elderberry During Pregnancy?

Elderberry During Pregnancy
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Elderberry is probably not something that you may crave during your pregnancy. But there are good chances that you may end up eating them as a part of various remedies for example flu or cold. Many people say that elderberry is not safe during pregnancy, but what is the reason?

There is no real scientific data to explain the dangers of elderberry or elderberry-based products for pregnant women. But there are many over the counter products and natural remedies which use elderberry in them. This is a medicinal fruit that has been used in various natural treatments for centuries. But the same ancient knowledge prevents pregnant women to use elderberries.

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One of the meta-analysis review paper published last year discussed the effect of elderberry on non-pregnant patients of flu and cold. Previously a study reported that elderberry can effectively shorten the duration of cold and flu in patients.   On the other side, one, the latest study reveals that elderberry has no effect on improving flu or cold symptoms.

These opposite studies make the status of elderberry controversial. And despite being a part of traditionalnal medicines for centuries, its role in older people, children, and pregnant women become notorious.

There is no information if elderberry is safe for pregnant women or not. But the best is to talk to your OB & Gyn about using elderberry during pregnancy. For a general idea, how a person uses elderberry may invite a number of health risks.

Not many people know that elderberry has two powerful plant chemicals called lectin and cyanide inside. These two can easily trigger nausea and vomiting in a person if consumed raw.

It means uncooked or raw elderberry can cause diarrhea, digestive distress, and nausea in its user. These symptoms are manageable in healthy users but for pregnant women, it might not be a wise idea to subject their health to such risks.

Cooking the plant or adding it into a process can reduce the effect of these chemicals. But if you are using any elderberry based product, it is hard to tell how have they used elderberry inside it.

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The best is to avoid using elderberry during pregnancy. Only one survey which was conducted on pregnant women revealed that women who were using the elderberry supplements experienced stomach distress during their supplement use. another problem with these elderberry-based products especially supplements is that they are not approved as a safe predict for health. most health supplements are not regulated except for those which are manufactured by the big pharma companies and are a part of some regular treatments.

The easy availability of elderberry products doesn’t mean that they are safe for everyone. Do not use a supplement unless you are sure about it. And if you are not sure, discuss it with a doctor. Overall, only one study is not enough to build a conclusion on elderberry for pregnant women. We need more studies will lead to a definite answer.



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