Health Experts Are Warning Against Fake Flu Cures

fake flu cures

Bogus products that claim to ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ certain health conditions are a common problem during health pandemics. At the beginning of the year, fraudulent products for treating coronavirus were flowing the market. Now, fake flu cures are gaining popularity rapidly, which is why health experts are warning against them

Currently, no medicines available can prevent or treat influenza or flu. This is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration also has not approved any kind of treatment. The only way proven way to prevent catching the infection is by getting a vaccination on time.

Getting a flu shot before the flu season can be beneficial for people of all age groups. Those who are at risk for having complications should specifically get it. This includes very young children, older adults, and those with existent medical conditions.

The at-risk group for COVID-19 and influenza are similar, which is also why their treatment is also the same. For either of the infections, prevention is better than medical attention after catching the virus.

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In addition, research now also shows that getting a flu shot can also help lower the risk of severe coronavirus infection. During the 2020-21 flu season, it is especially important to get the vaccination at the right time.

This is because this year’s flu season will be more difficult to manage than ever before due to the current health crisis. Health experts call the combination of flu and coronavirus a ‘twindemic’.

The twindemic can overwhelm hospitals all over the world and strain the healthcare system even further. With the second wave of coronavirus starting, it is already difficult to manage new patients. Flu patients requiring medical help will need more facilities, bedding, and space.

Secondly, there is also a possibility of catching the other virus while visiting the hospital with one infection. In the past week, there was also a case of a man with both the coronavirus and influenza at the same time. The complications can be countless in such a case especially if it is a patient with a high risk of severe effects.

Therefore, there is a need to take flu shots more seriously this year. However, the flow of the aforementioned products that claim to treat influenza can convince people otherwise.

Due to the presence of fake flu cures, many may not take the significance of a vaccination seriously. This can increase their risk of catching flu or even coronavirus. If they choose to use a bogus product, it can cause or even death in some cases.

This is why the FDA has issued a warning against the use of such products recently. The agency also advises people to not fall into scams or buy fraudulent products, which are often sold online.

The only medicines which can help and are available over the counter are acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Both of these can help with fever, body pains, and nasal congestion. If these do not help, visiting the doctor is better than trying any potentially harmful products.


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