Only Twelve Minutes of Exercise Daily Can Improve Heart Health

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Recently, a new study, which appears in the journal Circulation, has shown that as little as twelve percent of exercise on a daily basis can be beneficial for health, particularly heart health. More specifically, the researchers found that physical activity, even for a limited time, can change eighty percent of the metabolites in the body.

The change in levels of metabolite levels in the body significantly improves cardiometabolic and cardiovascular outcomes. In the long-term, it can also prevent the development of heart issues including heart disease, metabolic disorders, and liver issues.

To reach this conclusion, there was an analysis of data from over four hundred adults. These participants had twelve minutes of high-intensity exercise in their daily routine.

By monitoring the metabolite levels in their body both before and after their set exercise, the researchers found changes in various metabolites. In addition, certain participants had a higher number of benefits depending on certain factors.

For instance, the Body Mass Index or BMI and sex of the participants influenced the effects on different metabolites in the body.

Moreover, by using their own information and data from past research including findings of the longitudinal Framingham Heart Study from the year 1948, the participants’ potential health status and issues in the future were also predicted.

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These findings are important in investigating further the impact of exercise on the body and health at a molecular level. In the future, they may be used by health experts in formulating specific plans for individuals who are at high risk of certain diseases such as those related to heart health.

In addition, since the majority of the people are unable to leave their homes to go to the gym or fitness centers, this research shows that health can still be maintained in such circumstances.

Working at home, even for as little as twelve minutes on a daily basis can make a big difference in health outcomes for the future. For people who are also finding it hard to work during the stay at home orders, physical activity can also make a big difference.

Other than the recent findings, several studies from the past show various benefits of exercising every day on the health. Not only can a person avoid obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease but also have improved mental health.

This is why exercise at home is also one of the recommendations given currently by mental health experts. Since the year has been extremely stressful for nearly all people, mental and physical health both have been declining.

Therefore, adding physical activity can be the first step towards controlling the high levels of stress as well as to get back into shape. Combining exercise with other healthy habits such as maintaining a balanced diet can boost health even more.

For people who have certain medical conditions, do not try high-intensity exercises without asking a doctor. Also, try to do the exercises only under the supervision of a professional trainer after giving him or her all details about any medical issues to avoid complications.


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