Why ‘Wokefishing’ is Bad for Your Mental Health


Dating apps are helpful to meet new people some of which prove to be a good addition in life. But it doesn’t mean that it is free from risks and damages. Wokefishing is a new trend of cat-fishing which possesses dangers for people especially those who are trying online dating apps for the first time.

Wokefishing is the newest type of cat-fishing which is a technique used by some people to pretend someone that they are not. They deceive others in order to get close to them and take advantage.

This term “wokefishing” was first used by a writer Serena Smith. She used this term in her article for explaining a situation in which a person acts like a woke person. A woke person is the one who has a keen eye on social injustices and demands racial justice for victims.

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Gayani DeSilva is a certified psychiatrist and author of many books. She says that the latest trend of representing yourself as a socially involved person is influenced by asking other people the same progressive questions and then copying their responses.

Many people have claimed that they have experienced this wokefishing on dating apps as well as in real life.

Although this term is relatively new and there is not much information available, it is slowly affecting everyone. Analyzing the people around may reveal shocking information on how many people around have become victim to it, psychiatrists say.

Wokefishing is a manipulative technique which is just a twisted version of something to get the desired benefits. It is not an actual representation of a person’s views. It’s the old ‘cat-fishing’ technique with a modern touch and of course, a fancy name.

It is common to meet someone online and in between random chatting, people make them sound like a person that is not them. For example, views on racism, feminism, diversification, religious, and political believes are something people often lie about.

Psychiatrists regard such people as “all talk no action” type people. They try to portray themselves as progressive but in reality, they are neither broadminded nor enlightened. In a relationship, portrayals like this can negatively affect a person and increase stress and anxiety levels in them.

Contrary to what it appears, it is extremely hard to spot a woke-fisher, according to Dr. DeSilva. It is easy to fall for something which matches a person’s own interests and values. Naturally, people are more inclined to other people with similar interests which is why spotting an imposter may be very tricky.

To identify them, the psychiatrists advise asking trick questions that are different from the conventional questions. Twisting the question and asking specific questions that cant be answered vaguely are the best ways to find out the truth about a person.

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It is better to be aware and part ways with people who represent themselves as something that they are not. Carmen Harra, another physiatrist from Florida suggests beating these woke fishers with their own technique. She suggests asking more questions to another person without disclosing your own thoughts. It will not give them a chance to mirror you and you will be able to know the truth.

The purpose of this whole catching a woke fisher is not to spot lies but to save time and emotions spent on an unworthy person which may result in embarrassment and heartbreak in the long run.


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