Why is everyone wishing Happy 420? The Truth Revealed

You might have seen people sharing happy 420 messages, posts and tweets online and tagging each other in memes. Although it is the most popular trend today on April 1st which is the official first day to this month. Still, many people are unable to understand the meaning of this “happy 420” and what are others celebrating it.

If you don’t know what does this mean; April 20 (4th month and 20th date) is the International Weed Day. However, this day has no official standing and the weed lovers all around the world celebrate it on their own to rejoice the sentiments attached with weed.

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This code “420” is also sometimes mentioned as “4:20” and “4/20” and refers to the international day to refer to cannabis consumption. It also means to smoke weed at time 4:20 pm on April 20. (4/20 in US date format)

This trend started somewhere from San Rafael, California during the late 70s. This code was initially used by the local police referring to the weed smoking around them. Later on, the locals also started to use this term when they were smoking weed (cannabis) and hear a police car’s siren.

This local trend has now turned into a whole celebration and people enjoy it with cannabis support rallies, throwing cannabis parties and protests for cannabis legality. All these events are to pressurize the government to amend laws on cannabis and make the weed legal in all parts of the world.

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Note that recreational cannabis or weed is legal in nine US states including the Washington DC. However, it is only legal for people of 21 years of age and over. In the other 21 US states, it is only legal for medical grounds.

There are so many stories on how this “Happy 420” started. The most popular and somewhat reliable is the only one that is already mentioned i.e. Californian police.

There is a special incidence that is often referred to as 4:20. In 1971, five high school students from California planned a meetup. This friend group was named “The Waldos” by some resources.  They apparently met at a rather private place. One person among this circle named Dave Reddix later old told that they went for finding a hidden cannabis plantation in a nearby forest. Their journey started at 4.20 pm and hence this code was named.

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While many people agree on this story to be real, there is still controversy about how this trend started. The Oxford Dictionary interviewed The Waldos, back in 2017 and this term was added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Nowadays, people use this code word whenever they plan to meet their friends, throw weed parties or hunt for cannabis around them, especially in areas where it is still illegal.

Cannabis lovers all around the world organize public rallies, demanding weed to be made legal. The biggest public event celebrating Happy 420 is held at Hyde Park, UK.  Here thousands of people show up and join the protest, despite warnings issued by the local police.

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Cannabis is illegal in the UK and many parts of the world. Although in 2001, Tony Blair said that the government would change its classification and add it to list C but it never happened.  In 2005, this statement was taken back calling it a “wrong message” after the General elections in the UK.

In all places where it is illegal, there are certain punishments that are imposed on a person who is coughing smoking or keeping cannabis or any of its products. It means you can even go to jail if you are trading it around you.

NHS says that cannabis usage makes a person light-headed, happy and calm. Its due to the psychedelic effects but overdosing cannabis could cause adverse health complications. Long-term use of cannabis/weed could cause cognitive decline, memory loss, and mental health problems. Hence every cannabis user must be careful while using it for recreational purposes.


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