Ten Movies to Watch During Quarantine Period

The recent coronavirus pandemic has caused governments around the world to announce lockdowns and discourage people from leaving their homes in order to prevent the infection from spreading further.

However, the World Health Organization has reported that the pandemic has continued to accelerate and additional combined effort is required to control it as soon as possible.

Therefore, following all official instructions and guidelines such as washing hands frequently, avoiding physical contact, maintaining a six feet distance, and not going out unless there is an emergency is important for every person.

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Up till now, many people have managed to stay at home and even work or attend their online classes but what about the time when there is no work to do or assignments to submit?

Perhaps the most common complaint, especially among the younger population, is the lack of activities and boredom. In such a situation, the best solution is to watch movies.

Doing so can not only help in having fun while passing time but can also bring a family together and keep help in maintaining mental health – which is, in accordance with health experts, becoming a big problem.

In the midst of taking different measures in order to avoid catching the coronavirus infection and staying at home, many people experience high levels of anxiety. Additionally, this may even increase the risk of having panic attacks or a depressive episode.

To prevent this from happening, watching a number of feel-good movies for distraction and mental comfort is the easiest way. Following are the ten best movies to watch during the quarantine period:


Amélie, also known as “the Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain” is an engaging French romantic comedy directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet which shows the life of a young waitress in modern-day Paris.

The film is likely to beguile any person and keep help in lowering the levels of anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Intouchables 

Also known as the Untouchables, the film is a buddy-comedy drama movie which is a great choice especially when one is in quarantine with friends.

 Lady Bird

The 2017 film Ladybird is a feel-good movie directed by Greta Gerwig which focuses on the mother-daughter relationship. It is a mixture of comedy that will make everyone laugh as well as drama to keep everyone captivated.


Ratatouille is perhaps one of the most famous and well-known movies from Pixar Animation Studios. The movie is entertaining enough to capture the attention of the children as well as adults at home and is therefore among the best movies to watch during the quarantine period.

The Holiday

The popular romantic-comedy by Nancy Meyers, the Holiday is perhaps the ideal film to choose especially if one is in quarantine with friends.

The movie focuses on two women who swap places because of commonly shared guy problems which ultimately helps them find the love of their lives. The Holiday is likely to help in forgetting about the coronavirus pandemic and remind of the greater things in life.

Little Women 

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, the 2019 adaptation of Little Women is a light-hearted comedy and drama film that is appropriate for all audiences and is hence one of the best movies to watch during the quarantine period.

Forrest Gump 

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the 1994 romantic drama movie Forrest Gump is well-known around the world. Even though many may have already watched the film, it is never a bad idea to watch it again especially during the time of a global pandemic.

Mama Mia! The Movie 

Phyllida Lloyd’s Mama Mia! The Movie is a jukebox musical romantic comedy which is perhaps the most captivating among all others in the list of ten best movies to watch during the quarantine period.

Inside Out 

The 2015 computer-animated comedy film Inside Out received an Academy Award for the best-animated film and is also one of the best movies to watch and distract oneself from the coronavirus pandemic.

Sing Street

For a major throwback, John Carney’s Sing Street is the go-to film that will remind one of the life of teenagers in the 1980s Dublin as well as help in keeping coronavirus-related anxiety away.


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