WHO States the End of Coronavirus Cannot Be Predicted

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has made headlines across the world. Health experts in China, as well as the rest of the world, are constantly engaged in predicting the coronavirus epidemic’s peak and end. However, the World Health Organization recently announced that it is too early to make any statements regarding the future of the virus.

Previously, there have been several reports on the spread of Chinese coronavirus across the world. Statistically, the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus infection has crossed one thousand in China.

In addition, the cases seem to be rising in other countries as well, most of which are Asian countries. This is why many countries have further delayed flights to China. Some experts also suggest that the epidemic is likely to last until the end of spring.

Consequently, the governments of countries around the world are planning to continue travel restrictions including air and bus travel with China. On the other hand, other governments have chosen to take drastic measures to cut down the risk of the coronavirus infection.

For instance, Kazakhstan, which is one of China’s most significant trading partners, announced that it would not be issuing visas to any Chinese residents until the risk of the infections goes down.

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Furthermore, Mongolia has closed the shared border crossing with China and declared public holidays alongside a ban on large-scale public events until spring.

Perhaps the most drastic decision was made by the Pacific country of Papa New Guinea, which has not only put a ban on a flight to and from China but from all of Asia as well.

Since the status of treatment and control of the coronavirus epidemic is not yet clear, these countries are likely to continue their decisions. There are different reports from authorities and news sources within China and elsewhere.

A number of Chinese health experts had previously suggested that the coronavirus infection is likely to reach its peak in a short span of time, after which the number of cases will rapidly decline.

However, the recent statement by the World Health Organization states otherwise. On Wednesday, the head of WHO’s health emergencies program, Michael Ryan, said “I think it’s way too early to try to predict the beginning, the middle or the end of this epidemic right now,”

Secondly, the chief of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, also stated that “The number of newly reported cases from China has stabilized in the past week but that has to be interpreted with extreme caution” He added that “This outbreak could go in any direction”

The expert team working at the WHO has managed to track down the transmitter and causes of the coronavirus infection in more than four hundred cases up till now.

Additionally, the first international conference held on coronavirus that discussed the potential treatment and vaccine for the coronavirus epidemic was also held by WHO on Tuesday and Wednesday in Geneva.

Soumya Swaminathan, who is the chief scientist at WHO, said “I think we will find a vaccine. It will take some time. A vaccine cannot be made overnight,” She further reported in the words that “Four vaccines are now being funded for the early phases, the pre-clinical development,”

The first clinical trial for the vaccine for the coronavirus infection will probably begin in April. It will be developed in collaboration with Moderna Therapeutics in the US and the US National Institutes of Health.


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