WHO Alerts for the Second Wave of Coronavirus this Fall

Second Wave of Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the whole world would experience the second wave of coronavirus after summer. This year’s autumn would be different and difficult in terms of public health and safety. It urges all nations to develop a coronavirus control plan including tracking, testing, and treatment before it hits for the second time.

Dr. Hans Kluge is the World Health Organization’s regional head in Europe. He says that isolating the infected people is crucial to saving other people from getting this deadly virus. This warning has come right after the new NHS-X app is in talks in terms of coronavirus response. This app is facing a delay and still, there is no definite date for its release.

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During a briefing, Kluge shared in a briefing that there are high chances to see an increase in coronavirus cases this fall. Just like other diseases i.e. flu, the cases are at a peak during fall and continue throughout winter.

This autumn season is typically associated with influenza could also affect coronavirus cases. In that case, there is a high chance that there would be a second wave of coronavirus.

But instead of worrying about the damages and destructions, it is high time to make a control plan. The first area that needs attention is to identify, test, and separate the coronavirus patients from others. Isolate them at home or at hospitals, and provide medical care that they need, without any discrimination.

This looks much of a healthcare system’s responsibility but the government needs to play a part too. This identifying and isolating the suspects should be as under national coronavirus control policy and not just put on healthcare workers alone.

As there is no single solution to this. The only way to prevent and control the second wave of coronavirus is a combined effort. The engagement from the local community is also crucial to prevent the coronavirus spread. As summer is the high time when people come across each other and congregate to enjoy the weather, it is necessary to be cautious.

It is not something that is ‘unachievable’. After the coronavirus lockdown, it is now possible to take more accurate and serious steps to avoid the spread. the emergency service as well as the routine healthcare services both need a premium upgrade in all major countries.

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Dr. Kludge said that the public should hope for the best but prepare for the second wave of virus expecting it to be worse than the first one. The risk is highest for European countries where the first wave is not over yet.

While many countries claim to completely free from coronavirus, it is still active in others. It is the time when recovering and rebuilding a new life after the lockdown is necessary. But it is equally important to invest in the healthcare system especially in fast track testing and surveillance system. By adapting to these new control measures, not only the second wave of coronavirus could be prevented but also the additional cost of lockdown and medical emergency could be avoided.

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