White Chocolate is Not a REAL Chocolate

real chocolate

White chocolate is a favorite of many people but what they don’t know is that it is not real chocolate. As weird as it sounds, white chocolate is nowhere close to original chocolate, and naming it ‘white chocolate’ doesn’t mean it’s a type of it.

Not many people know but the white chocolate is only a confectionery that doesn’t use chocolate solid in its formation. It has cocoa butter, milk, vanilla, lots of sugar, and an emulsifier in it which is named lecithin.

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The food experts have drawn a clear line between the real chocolate and white chocolate explaining how white chocolate is not the real chocolate. They explain that cocoa beans once removed from the pods are sent for fermentation. After that, they are dried and roasted, once the shells are removed what’s leftover is nothing but a chocolate nib. These nibs are then made to a paste which is termed as chocolate liquor.

Inside this chocolate, liquor is cocoa solids that are rich in flavor and the cocoa butter which is nothing but the fat content. Typically, all products that are made with cocoa solids are classified as chocolate. However, white chocolate is not made with the cocoa solid but the cocoa fat which is why it is not really chocolate.

People who have recently got to know the truth about the white chocolates are astonished to know this. Many of them have even called the term white chocolate a lie which is clear misinformation.

Many others are confused that why is it literally called white chocolate when there is no element of cocoa inside it.

Dark chocolate on the other hand has numerous health benefits. In addition to being a tasteful delight, chocolate has a high amount of antioxidants in it and this amount is higher than many proclaimed super fruits i.e. acai berries and blueberries.

The bioactive components in the cocoa are helpful in improving blood circulation as it produces nitric oxide (NO) in blood arteries. Taking dark chocolate has proven benefits for heart health. One small study suggests cocoa powder to be helpful in reducing LDL cholesterol and improving HDL production.

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Other benefits of chocolate include saving from sun damage, improving cognitive function, and prevent heart diseases. But all these benefits are obtained if the chocolate is used in moderation.

Overconsumption of chocolate has more damages than benefits. Also, these benefits are achievable from the chocolate only, not the products made with chocolates i.e. cakes, tarts, donuts, cupcakes, cake pops, etc.

On the other side, there is no such benefit achievable from white chocolate. That’s why health experts warn using white chocolate as a replacement for real chocolate to get the benefits associated with it. Not only white chocolate has little nutritional value but also it has a high amount of sugar in it which is a problem especially for the people with diabetes type 2.



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