Cannabis Damages the Heart and Increase Risk of Death (American Heart Association Report)

cannabis damages the heart

Cannabis has a number of medicinal benefits but it doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe for health. Although medical cannabis is approved by doctors still its usage requires extreme care and medical supervision. The new report by the American Heart Association (AHA) discusses how cannabis damages the heart and blood vessels.

This report is published in the journal Circulation.

This report overlooks numerous studies all of which have studied the usage of cannabis. Cannabis which is sometimes referred to as marijuana is a plant that is famous for its psychoactive effects. However, the medical variants of cannabis are THC free which is why they are non-drowsy and non-sedative.

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The psychoactive properties of cannabis are associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The ‘cannabis-high’ is the mind-altering capability of cannabis which is enjoyable and pleasing for the user. On the other side, Cannabidiol (CBD) is another active ingredient from cannabis plan which is associated with medicinal benefits. CBD has no psychoactive effects, which is why medical-grade cannabis products are legal and are safe for health.

The researchers didn’t lose hope on cannabis while finding its medical benefits yet it is added to the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances List by the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration. However, this new report outlines various authentic researches on cannabis, urging its removal from this position as a controlled substance.

From what is clear about cannabis so far, it could be both beneficial or destructive for health. The highly potent active ingredients could cause many diseases and some studies highlight how cannabis damages the heart by inducing heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, and even atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Chip Lavie is a certified cardiologist from the Ochsner Medical Center, Louisiana. He says that the adverse effects of cannabis are already known especially for cardiovascular health and coagulation. But the medical community also believes that these ‘side effects’ largely depend upon the usage and dosage of the user which is highly variable.

For short-term usage, cannabis could have more benefits than damages. And its damages only begin to show up after a consistent, over usage and trying the toxic, impure products i.e. vapes.

Dr. Muthiah Vaduganathan another cardiologist from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston shares that based on the cannabis product type, it could permanently damage the heart. In some cases, it could even take the life of its user but again, there is more than just one factor involved.

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The American Heart Association (AHA) explains that not all studies talk about the dangers of cannabis. The THC containing cannabis products is associated with affecting the heart’s function, causing inflammation and inducing oxidative damage. But if THC concentration is changed or the product is used for a limited time, there is still a chance to save a person. But if the THC dosage is too high or taken for years, it could end at adverse effects i.e. death.

On the other side, CBD based products, that are also extracted from cannabis plants curb inflammation, prevent oxidative stress, and save the heart from potential damage. These two extremely opposite effects are achievable from the same cannabis plant. However, it requires the complete removal of either THC or CBD. Most cannabis-based products available over the counter are made of CBD and have no THC in it. But people should avoid using them for the non-proven benefits for a safer experience.


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