Man Suffered a Stroke After Masturbation (Case Report)

masturbation and stroke

The doctors from Japan have recently come across a shocking case where masturbation caused a stroke in a man. According to the medical history of the patient, the 51- years old experienced bleeding in the brain after masturbating, which apparently makes no sense. The complete case report is published in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases

The research team from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences at Nagoya City University (Japan) studied this potential link and reported that the right-handed man was living alone and single for a long time. They also confirmed that he has reported masturbating multiple times every day, and used his right hand for it. It may sound irrelevant but the case report has specifically mentioned these details.

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One day, after orgasming, he started experiencing a sharp shooting headache along with severe nausea and vomiting. After reaching the hospital emergency, the medical staff completed his CT scan. This brain scan showed the presence of acute subarachnoid hemorrhage; a stroke that is mostly fatal. The reason behind this type of stroke is the bleeding in the surrounding parts of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Strokes have no one form and there are many subtypes of them. But all of them denote an ischemic stroke meaning the blockage of an artery that takes the blood from the heart to the brain. Or it could be a hemorrhagic stroke where the artery is not blocked but ruptured or damaged and its brain carrying capacity is affected.

It may sound strange but masturbation and stroke share a link and it seems like stroke could be a possible outcome of an orgasm. Masturbation increases the overall heart rate, noradrenaline plasma levels, and also blood pressure. All of these can increase the chances of damaging the blood vessel and initiating a hemorrhagic stroke in the patient.

In this current case, which happens to be the third case of stroke caused by masturbation, the patient was provided with stents and also coiling to bolster the damage and regulate blood circulation without an interruption. The patient has fully recovered and is out of danger now.

Despite this obvious link, it is still a fact that these complications are very rare. Millions of people masturbate regularly and if this link is applicable to everyone masturbating, all of these people are at risk of stroke.

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For most people masturbation is only harmless fun that causes no complications. In fact, some study evidence suggests its benefits for health that should not be ignored despite carrying this risk.

According to the study authors, there are only two more cases reported in the medical literature where masturbation has caused a stroke in patients.

In one of these cases, self-stimulation led a 39 years old Serbian woman to have a stroke and it was an anal act, instead of the regular, vaginal or oral act. The woman lost her life and was found dead during this self-pleasing act. Based on the investigations, there were neither any injuries nor signs of abuse, force or foul play. However, her autopsy report clearly mentioned that she suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage during this stimulation.

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