What does Your Period Blood Color Show?

A woman’s body sheds inner lining, blood, and tissue from her uterus monthly, which is called a menstrual period. This discharge takes place through the vagina and could vary in color from black, red to pink.

Sometimes the blood remains in uterus for a long time and oxidizes hence gets its dark shade. But there are a number of health problems i.e. hormonal health that could affect the color of a woman’s period blood.  That is why it is necessary to know the color of your period and notice it changes so that the underlying problem could be treated before it goes out of hands.

Pinkish blood color

Pink shaded blood shows a low amount of estrogen in the body. The period of blood tends to be lighter for people who are so much into physical activity. Playing sports such as running reduces the estrogen levels. Even some research studies have revealed a connection between low estrogen levels and the development of osteoporosis in late years of life.

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Watery period

A watery period with no apparent color or super light color period blood shows a high nutritional deficient. It could also represent ovarian cancer in some people but it is extremely rare. Only  2 percent or less of all gynecological cancers are identified as ovarian cancers.

Dark brown blood

The dark brownish color of blood means that it was inside the uterus for too long. It reacts with the oxygen and develops a darker color. There is no exact reason behind why this happens, and most health professionals take it normally.

Thick blood clots

Thick blood clots during a period indicate high estrogen and relatively low progesterone levels inside the body. Mostly it might not be a problem but if this thickness is too much, clots are bigger in size or come with a lot of pain and irritability, it might be a problem. In a number of cases, this could happen due to a hormonal imbalance or fibroids inside a uterus. Both of these are treatable by a qualified doctor.

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Gray-red blood  

Most of the times this odd color of period blood means that you have a sexually transmitted infection. But if you were pregnant and then witness this, it could also indicate an early miscarriage.

Bright red blood

The bright red cranberry shaded period blood is healthy and normal. But it might not be the same for everyone. Every person has a different “normal” behavior depending upon health status. It is better to consult a doctor to completely understand your body.

Orange blood

Just like gray color blood, orange color period blood indicates an infection. But it might not be a sexually transmitted infection in particular. A doctor would confirm if it’s an STI or not.

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