USDA Takes Notice of Beef Petties Contaminated With Plastic

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has recalled around sixteen thousand pounds of beef patties recently due to the detections of extraneous materials including small pieces of soft plastics in the patties.

In their Friday new release, the FSIS claimed that these patties from Cincinnati-based AdvancePierre Foods, which is a company owned by Tyson Foods, were not for market sale but were supplied to different schools from the company’s warehouse in the state of Iowa.

The FSIS routinely checks the distribution of all kinds of packaged foods throughout the country. In case of presence of any substances that are potentially harmful to the health or subpar quality of the foods, the FSIS conducts regular check-ups after the specific company recalls its products in question to ensure the customers are aware of the ongoing issue and the particular product is no longer present in stores and market.

In addition, customers can also make a complaint on the follow-up or any other product, they can also file a complaint. For queries regarding food safety and consumption, the FSIS’s website and the service of Ask USDA provides all the answers and guidelines with details.

The supplied patties were not a part of the nation’s National School Lunch Program but were solely for increasing commercial sales of the company. These patties were packaged with the product code 69097 in 15.09-pound cases that claimed to have “CN FULLY COOKED FLAME BROILED BEEF PATTIES,”. The schools that were receiving the beef patties have not been named by the FSIS.

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Although the contamination in the patties was not listed in the ‘high risk’ category, the main concern rose from the provision of these products to different institutes. Such products may affect the health of children in schools in the long term. Therefore, the FSIS, in its statement, has requested to not buy questionable products or to not use or serve them if they have already been bought. Instead, they should be disposed of or returned.

The FSIS issued a recalling of the patties after a local food-service made a complaint about finding pieces of soft green plastic in the beef patties to AdvancePierre Foods. However, AdvancePierre Foods claimed that they had not been informed of any serious negative effects or incidents related to consumption of the patties or any other of their products in its statement before.

Furthermore, the FSIS also has not been reported any serious associated effects but AdvancePierre Foods still decided to recall more than fifteen thousand pounds of its products out of precautionary purposes. The company also added that the products that are being called were not sent to markets for reiteration and that other products from the company would not be affected by this.

Previously, AdvancePierre Foods also recalled more than twenty thousand pounds of beef patties at the beginning of the year in the month of April after two reports were made about the presence of soft purple plastics in those patties.

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