An Increased Number of Flights To Be Delayed Because of Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus infection has caused much concern on a global scale. Many countries are putting restrictions and bans on travel from and within China to cut down the risk of the further spread of the virus.

With symptoms similar to a common cold, the coronavirus infection can be proven deadly if appropriate treatment is not received as soon as possible. However, health experts from China state that the infection spreads majorly from the people with little to no symptoms.

This is because people who are aware of the outbreak and have clear symptoms which include having a runny nose, sore throat, high fever, and unexplained fatigue for more than three or four days are more likely to stay out of public places and avoid contact with people.

Therefore, the disease is spreading regardless of the multiple efforts being done to control it. In addition to China, the infection has been diagnosed in western countries including France, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In Asia, the disease has been reported in many more countries from Thailand to Singapore. The most recent reports come from the United Arab Emirates.

As a response, many countries are considering taking drastic measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus epidemic as many of them do not have the diagnostic testing technology or the facilities to manage the disease.

Perhaps the most drastic response came recently from Mongolia. Mongolia has announced that it will be closing the China-Mongolian border crossing, canceling all public events as well as announcing public holidays in educational institutes including schools and colleges and offices till spring.

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On the other hand, airports from around the world are screening all passengers for possible coronavirus contraction. Many countries are only allowing entry from such selected airports to diagnose coronavirus cases beforehand.

An increasing number of airports are suspending flights from and to China. British Airways are among the first airlines to put a total ban on any kind of air travel from China after advice from its foreign office.

Lion Air Group, Indonesia’s biggest and one of Asia’s bigger carriers has also stated that it will be suspending travel to China temporarily till Saturday until further notice. Other Asian countries including Nepal and Myanmar have also suspended any flights to China.

On the other hand, following Mongolia, some countries have chosen to take drastic measures. For instance, Kazakhstan, which is one of the most significant trading partners of China announced that not only will it be delaying air and bus travel between the countries will also grant no more visas to Chinese people.

Additionally, Papua New Guinea in the Pacific has announced that it will be taking no passengers from any Asian countries until the coronavirus epidemic is controlled.

Even though more and more airlines are halting their services for China, there is an increased concern over the foreign passengers stuck in different Chinese cities. Health experts are expecting that the epidemic will stop increasing soon after it reaches its peak in the upcoming ten days.




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