Breastfeeding Mother Claims Breastmilk Improves Immunity in Children

breastfeeding improves immunity
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Natasha Keane is a mother of two kids who started to breastfeeds them from an early age and still continues it. At first, she thought that breastfeeding is only necessary for a few months, and doing it after 1 year age is somehow creepy.  She also says that she never understood why women do it. However, the situation was different when she becomes a mommy.

Nineteen years ago, when her first son was born, as per doctor’s recommendation, she stopped breastfeeding him when he was four months old. She calls this decision difficult as she wasn’t probably ready at that time.

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The week after this decision was very hard for her as she was trying to teach her son using a bottle. After 15 years, when become a mother for the second time, she decided to take hold of these things.

Now 38 years old, Natasha breastfed her daughter until she as five. Now she is breastfeeding her four years old daughter and believes that breastfeeding improves immunity in kids.

Although there is plenty of research to prove breastmilk’s benefits in children, some people find it hard to believe. That’s why breastfeeding is still a taboo in many parts of the world.

By profession, Natasha is a makeup artist. She calls breastfeeding as a natural thing which should not be considered bizarre. She recalls that her children never fell sick or needed medicines except for once when her daughter had a chest infection.

The doctors call her daughter’s immunity to be impressive. And Natasha believes that it’s just that breastfeeding improves immunity which is why her children never fell sick.

She says that there is nothing else but good immunity that is behind her daughter’s good health.  She was nursing her second daughter when her third child, another daughter was born. After that, she put them both on breastfeeding, sometimes together at one breast each.

She says that she was a little afraid at the start but after a few times, she was perfectly fine and comfortable. She stopped breastfeeding her second daughter Ellie when she was five but continued it with Grace, her youngest daughter. She breastfeeds her twice a day, in morning and evening.

Natasha says that she feels constantly under a negative vibe when people see her breastfeeding as an offensive thing. She calls it ‘miseducation’ and ‘lack of awareness’ and nothing that is shameful for her.

She normally avoids all comments and glances but it is natural that she feels uncomfortable with these.

Isn’t this a double standard that everyone plays, she asks. While it is normal to watch women wearing bikini and lingerie on roads, beaches, and in media. But a mother feeding her baby is offensive and absurd for people?

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She says that it is nothing but a mother’s choice if she wants to breastfeed her children. And people should stay away from giving opinions on other people and their children just because they don’t personally accept it.

Natasha has received a number of negative comments in all these years. From the time when Grace was almost a year old, someone said to her that she should start force-feeding her baby food. At that time, she says that people might go crazy to know that she is breastfeeding the older one too.

Still, she thinks that maybe it’s not something that people do on purpose. It is nothing but a lack of awareness and education and people need to be more aware of it.


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