Thailand Lifts COVID-19 Curfew and Ends its Alcohol Ban

Thailand lifts COVID-19 curfew
Thailand lifts COVID-19 curfew nationwide on June 15, as per the phase four plan devised by the governmentThis news came as a source of relief to the nation.
Thailand has observed restrictions for more than two months. The government chose to ease measures under lockdown rules after local coronavirus cases were no longer reported in over 21 days.
In earlier months Thailand imposed a ban on alcohol consumption. It aimed to limit dangerously large gatherings. They did this so that they could fight the transmission of coronavirus. Authorities discouraged large gatherings. They feared not banning alcohol would push people to continue group drinking.
Office worker Napaporn Chokchatchawan said he understands the intention behind stopping partying. Drinking in groups is part of the culture in Thailand.
This ban affected local alcohol-serving businesses greatly, Niks Anuman Rajadhon; an owner of cocktail bars called it to murder on the alcohol industry to express his dismay at the rising losses.
Now, however, as the nationwide curfew lifts, so does the ban on gleeful drinking.
The nation was one of the first to suffer from coronavirus after China. Then Thailand suffered great vulnerability to the virus. As it continued to receive large numbers from Wuhan city, the epicenter of China’s spread. Now, however, Thailand becomes a success story. It is among the very few who were successful to contain the lethal virus.
The numbers from Thailand stand with 3,135 cases which tested positive, 58 that died, and 2,987 that successfully recovered. In the past 21 days, Local transmission cases are zero and thus Thailand lifts Covid-19 curfew with little to risk.
Officials give credit to the measures that led to this success. They say wearing masks from the get-go helped limit the spread. People wore it as soon as January. They also commend the shutting of businesses early and the implementation of curfew as one of the success leading measures
Restrictions on travel via sea, land or air are still in place says a spokesperson of Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)
From April 4 to June 30 all flights coming internationally will observe the ban. Only cargo flights or repatriation flights allowed.
Under eased measures, restaurants, parks, hair salons and markets will enjoy reopening. Schools will reopen if they have under 120 students. Other establishments such as exhibition halls, film productions, music concerts, amusement parks, and sports competitions without audiences were also permitted to open.
Under the new restrictions, yet, the government does not permit all reopenings. Karaoke outlets, bars, and pubs will remain closed. Keeping social distancing guidelines in mind, restaurants will serve alcohol.
Massage shops and saunas receive permissions to open also. Thailand lifts Covid-19 curfew but not without proper preventative measures. People must continue to wear masks and cleanse their hands routinely. The observance of a distance of 5 square meters between two people should happen.
Domestic flights will continue and face no particular restrictions besides mask-wearing.
Recent coronavirus cases reports come from returnees only. The cases pose no risk and no cause for concern. These infected individuals are in quarantine. A spokesperson for the government’s coronavirus task force, confirms this.

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