Tanzania Declares itself as 100% Coronavirus Free Country

coronavirus free country

After months of coronavirus pandemic, some countries are coming forward as their coronavirus cases dropped to zero. Tanzania claims to be one of the countries to beat coronavirus within a few months. The President of Tanzania, John Magufuli said that it is now a coronavirus free country. He credited the prayers of his citizen for defeating the virus.

He addressed the worshipers in Dodoma at a local church. Mr. Magufuli announced that there is no more coronavirus in Tanzania.

The World Health Organization (WHO), however, seems skeptical of the situation in Tanzania. The experts showed their concern about the strategy of the Tanzanian government.

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The government is not reporting the coronavirus cases to the public anymore. April 29 was the day when coronavirus data was published for the last time. At the time, there were 509 Covid-19 cases with 21 mortalities in the country.

The President announced that only four coronavirus patients were in the hospital during the last week. The patients received treatment in Dar es Salaam which is the largest city of Tanzania.

The government of Tanzania also ignored a warning issued by the US embassy last month. The embassy stated that the hospital facilities in Dar es Salaam are overwhelmed with patients. Also, there is a huge risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Mr. Magufuli dismissed the warnings repeatedly. He urged the public to visit mosques and churches and pray for the coronavirus to vanquish. He also said that prayer is the only way to eradicate the virus.

Magufuli said in his address that God listened to the prayers of Tanzanian people. He also thanked people from different religions. He said that the people are fasting and praying to God to save them from the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, God helped them to make Tanzania a coronavirus free country.

On Sunday, he addressed the worshipers in Dodoma. Mr. Magufuli said that like many Tanzanians, he also believes that God eradicated coronavirus in Tanzania. The people are applauding and cheering on his remarks regarding the pandemic.

He also praised the worshipers in the church and priest for avoiding protective equipment such as gloves and face masks.

Mr. Magufuli joined a teacher’s conference a few days ago. During the conference, he said that Tanzania is coronavirus free. He also said the health minister informed him about the current situation of the virus in the country. There are four coronavirus patients getting treatment in Dar es Salaam, he added.

The President said that the public should stay aware of the donations. The donations can be used to transmit the coronavirus instead of eliminating it. He also urged the people of Tanzania to decline any offer of masks or protective equipment. He asked them to tell the donors to use the masks themselves.

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Mr. Magufuli has also received orders for a tonic along with other African leaders. The herbal tonic is distributed as an effective treatment for coronavirus by the government of Madagascar.

The WHO has issued a warning against the use of any unapproved treatment for the virus. Also, there is no scientific proof that the tonic works against the virus.

The Tanzanian President declined the claims of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. He also said that all the countries are taking unnecessary precautions against the virus. Mr. Magufuli also claimed that Tanzania is a coronavirus free country which is against the statements of health officials in his own country.

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