Sugar Adversely Affects Human Health, Independent of Obesity

A new study published in the journal “Cell Metabolism” finds that sugar is a cause of early death but this negative impact of sugar is not due to obesity. The early passing from excess sugar is identified with the development of a characteristic waste item that is uric acid. Sugar-rich diets negatively affect health independent of obesity. This study is led by the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, UK.

Analysts found that the shortened survival of fruit flies fed a sugar-rich eating regimen isn’t the aftereffect of their diabetic-like metabolic issues. The higher intake of sugar leads to many health problems.

The more findings related to this study can be read in detail here.

Everybody knows that an excess of sugar in the diet is unhealthy. It expands the risk of creating metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity and can reduce the life span by several years. While this decrease in life expectancy is broadly accepted to be brought about by metabolic imperfections, this new investigation in fruit flies uncovers this may not be the situation.

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The principal investigator of the study, Dr. Helena Cochemé tells that numerous signs of metabolic disease are seen in the flies due to taking sugar-rich diet as in humans. Both diabetes and obesity are known to build mortality in people, thus individuals constantly expected how excess sugar is damaging for flies’ survivalSugar causes dehydration as salt that’s why the early symptom of diabetes and high blood sugar is thirst.

Dr. Cochemé explains that water is indispensable for health, yet its significance is regularly neglected in metabolic investigations. In this manner, researchers are astonished that flies took a high-sugar diet didn’t show a decreased life expectancy. Suddenly, they noticed that these flies despite everything showed the ordinary metabolic imperfections related to high dietary sugar.

Because of this water impact, the research team chose to concentrate on the fly renal framework. They indicated that overabundance dietary sugar made the accumulation of a molecule in flies called uric acid. Uric acid is an end product from the breakdown of purines, which are significant structures in DNA. But uric acid gives rise to kidney stones in flies. Specialists could forestall these stones, either by weakening their development with drinking water or by obstructing the creation of uric acid with a medication.

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The co-author of the study, Prof. Christoph Kaleta tells that purine levels to get higher in the blood and kidney function gets worse just because of high sugar intake in humans as in flies.

Amassing uric acid is a known direct reason for kidney stones in people, just as gout that is a type of inflammatory arthritis. There is substantial evidence that diet is the only thing that influences life expectancy and risk for many age-related diseases. By concentrating on the purine pathway, researchers plan to discover new remedial targets and systems that advance healthy aging.


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