Strange Mother-Daughter Duo with a Puppy Play Routine

Strange Mother-Daughter Duo

Daughters share a matchless bond with their mothers but this strange mother-daughter duo from the UK is much more than just ‘close’. They wear the same clothes daily and even got some plastic surgeries together. Sometimes the daughter likes to pretend to be a puppy.

A new TV series called sMothered highlights the different types of mother-daughter relationships. In this case, 68 years old mommy Marcia who lives with her 21 years old daughter Alena calls each other their best friends. But their routine is bizarre to many people.

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The duo likes to do everything together and their bonding starts every morning after they wake up. Marcia says that her daughter always wanted to have a puppy but she could never get her one. So what she did was to turn her into a pet doggy.

Alena likes to pretend like one and she pats her all day. Marcia adopted Alena when she was only a few years old and she finds these dog-pretending games very helpful to be close to her mother.

The 21-years old says that she loves it when mamma loves me, it makes me feel that we are always together. We try to bring something enjoyable and funny even from the ordinary things which make us happy. The duo reportedly repeats the same routine every other day.

Licking is a daily morning ritual of the pair after waking up. Alena tries to chase her mamma in the entire house playing around. Marcia says that Alena has is enzymes deficient and she introduced this playful puppy chase in her childhood as an attempt to improve her stamina and strength.

But these two enjoyed this simple thing so much that they ended up doing it every morning, regularly. Marcia is happy that she has helped her daughter to have better health while growing up and she isn’t ready to give up on this.

During this puppy chase, when Alena catches Marcia, she kisses her, and then Marcia acts to be a puppy. This strange mother-daughter duo finds their puppy play simple, innocent, and a lovey expression that they have for each other.

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Marcia admits that their routine may look different to many people but she wouldn’t give up on this, despite what people think. She says that many people ask her if there is something wrong with her and what is this strange mother-daughter duo play. They may find it silly but these silly things strengthen her bond with her daughter so the opinion of people doesn’t really matter.

She says that this puppy play is a little difficult now as they are getting older but they try to play the same games with similar zeal and zest as before.

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