Special Herbs to Add to the Air Pollution Diet

air pollution diet

Air pollution has become the biggest risk factor for many diseases worldwide. There is plenty of research that suggests that air pollution levels are continuously rising which means without taking a giant leap, there would be no change in pollution levels. The on-going pandemic has made the need for clean air and access to a clean environment important to save from other respiratory pathogens. The high concentration of pollutants in the air makes it impossible to live without underlying health conditions. fortunately, making some minor changed to the diet can help to protect oneself from this pollution. There are certain herbs that everyone should add to their special air pollution diet for extra protection.

Amaranth Leaves

Amaranth leaves are loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals. It has a large amount of vitamin C in which is majorly required for the human body. It has beta carotene which improves the skin, lungs function, and eyes function. Usually, air pollution damages the lungs and includes diseases that can collapse them. But a diet rich in beta-carotene can save from this potential lung damage.

Coriander Leaves

Many Asian particularly Indian cuisines use coriander leaves for garnishing. Although many people find them useless the research on coriander leaves tells that they have a high amount of vitamin C which protects the lungs from pollutants. That’s why coriander leaves carry a special place in an air pollution diet.

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Basil leaves

Basil, also known as ‘Tulsi’ leaves is one of the strongest herbs on earth. It is a natural solution for cold, nasal congestion, flu, and cough. It can change the immune response, making it easy for the body to naturally overcome a pathogen. It is particularly helpful for airborne respiratory illnesses which means it can also save from flu and coronavirus. However, there is no scientific evidence to show its link with these two viruses.

Fenugreek leaves

This is another herb that carries a huge amount of fo beta-carotene inside it. It works on immunity and improves it. It is also a great help to curb internal inflammation which causes various diseases and abnormalities of function.

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Parsley and oregano

Parsley is another immuno-boosting herb that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. it also has a significant amount of antioxidants that help to overcome free radical damage and lowers oxidative stress. For this reason, both parsley and oregano should be a part of the special air pollution diet.


Broccoli is a cruciferous green veggie that is famous for its health benefits. It has an extremely low amount of calories but the high amount of vitamin C which is even higher than the regular citrus fruits famous for their vitamin C content such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Providing a high amount of vitamin C for the body makes it easier to regenerate another vitamin which is vitamin E. once it is activated, it autoruns the immune system of the body and promotes tissue or damage healing.


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