How to Get Rid of the Beer Belly Without Leaving Beer?

get rid of beer belly

A beer belly might make you remember good times or moments spend with your friends or loved ones. But no one should forget that this beer belly is actually a health problem. From ill-fitting clothes to the extra pressure on joints and bones, it is nothing but a burden. Health experts suggest stopping drinking beer to get rid of the beer belly. However, most people don’t really like this option and they continue to drink beer. Many of them end up with severe health problems which is why no one should ignore it in the first place.

The beer belly is basically abdominal obesity which shows up when a person starts consuming a high amount of alcohol, mainly beer. It is a proven fact that a higher alcohol intake causes a significant increase in the waist which is a common thing, especially in men. On the other side, there is more evidence that suggests that the abdomen is not the place for this beer-related obesity.

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Despite the popular belief that all beer straight away goes to the belly and makes a person fat, it is not just the beer which causes that. In addition to the beer, the high-calorie diet is often behind this abdominal obesity or beer belly. Beer’s role in the belly is only indirectly and there are higher chances that a high beer consumer prefers to eat unhealthily and junk food more.

Here is how to get rid of the beer belly with simple tricks and trips.

A target weight loss only sounds good hypothetically and in practical means, it is impossible to achieve. While there are so many target specific exercises which focus on some main body parts, most of them can only help to firm the body muscles and there is no clear evidence on if it can burn fat or make it slimmer.

In general, one can easily get rid of the beer belly if he loses overall body weight through diet and exercise.

The first thing is to cut junk and fast-food and start eating healthily. It’s not just the choice of food sources that matter but the portion size of every meal is also important. It is easy to start calculating every meal’s calories to keep a track of daily calories.

The daily food should contain more fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats, dairy, and whole grains. Try not to eat any processed and frozen foods, bakery items, and sugary drinks.

The food alone would not help unless a person starts and maintains a daily activity level to get rid of the beer belly. Different exercises such as high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) are particularly helpful in losing belly fat and brings faster results than normal exercises.

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There is clear evidence on HIIE being the best exercise for belly fat and overall weight loss as compared to other forms of exercise. In addition to exercise, certain life choices will make it easy to get rid of the beer belly. For example, take the stairs and not the elevator, take small breaks to stretch, replace pre-cooked meals with fresh meals.

Based on initial weight and regularity to stick to the diet and exercise, a person can lose a beer belly within a few months, even without leaving beer completely.


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