Melatonin Supplements and Coronavirus are Weirdly Linked With Each Other

Melatonin supplements and Coronavirus

Sleep is an essential part of the day and without getting the proper rest, it is hard to overcome the stress and the exertion which the body does all day. This sleep time is the body’s resting phase where it prepares itself for the next day. That’s why there are so many ‘sleep aid’ products available in the market which help in including sleep. All of them are based on melatonin which is a naturally occurring hormone, responsible for sleep regulation. But when a person experiences sleep-related troubles, it means that his body is not making a sufficient amount of this hormone and, he needs a melatonin supplement. All of this makes sense but a new study has highlighted the link between these melatonin supplements and the deadly coronavirus.

According to this new study, melatonin supplements can actually help to fight against the coronavirus is currently involved in a global pandemic.  This study is now published in the journal PLOS Biology.

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It investigated the patients who attended the Cleveland clinic from the start of this pandemic to June. Among these people, those who were using some type of melatonin supplement were less likely to diagnose positive for the coronavirus. This risk of coronavirus was 30% less for them as compared to people who don’t take melatonin supplements. This risk was calculated after adjusting a number of variables for example age, health status, diet, alcohol and, smoking habits.

This study has discovered new molecular pathways, which are common in both COVID-19 and some other medical conditions. So, it implies that medicines that are FDA approved for treating those other medical conditions can also be tested on COVID-19 patients, assuming that it will help them heal.

For example, the research team identified proteins that were causing respiratory distress as well as sepsis in Covid patients. These two conditions are behind all Covid related complications and death in all patients.

Identifying more of such connections, they were finally able to shortlist 34 medicines which were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating a number of diseases. All of these medicines were also helpful to heal chronic Covid symptoms.

All the data from patients was checked through an AI platform which is designed by Lerner Research Institute. It analyzed all the details collected from patients who attended this clinic which includes their history of medicines and supplements.

This connection between melatonin supplements and coronavirus risk is new and rare. There is absolutely no other study discussing this relation or coronavirus’s connection with other hormones. However, it doesn’t imply that people should start taking the melatonin supplements on their own as protection against coronavirus.

Previously, when the anti-Covid benefits of hydroxychloroquine came into the limelight, people rushed to the pharmacies and started taking these medicines even without consulting a doctor. Previous US President endorsed it on national television which led people to believe that this medicine will probably save them from the virus, however, this reckless use of hydroxychloroquine ended up with various deaths reported.

Only a randomized clinical-based trial on melatonin supplements given to  COVID-19 patients can reveal its true benefits and how it might help in treatment. Unless that trial is done, taking melatonin supplements on your own is not recommended.

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